RWN Returns On Monday

RWN Returns on Monday. Until then, enjoy the links below and consider this to be an open thread.

Ace Of Trump

And Rightly So

Business Opportunities Weblog

The Counterterrorism Blog

Daisy Cutter

Dr. Sanity

Kennedy Vs. The Machine


RNC Video: Retreat And Defeat Democrats

Target Centermass

PS: Tomorrow, RWN will have a 468×60, 20 KB or less banner ad slot opening up. It’s of 4 slots on RWN, runs for a month, and costs $60. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

PS #2: Currently, I have a 3.1 megapixel digital camera and I’m not satisfied with the quality of the shots that it takes. I may have the opportunity to upgrade the quality of the digital camera I’m using this Christmas and I wanted to get some advice from some of the camera wizzes out there, just in case.

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If I wanted to take “professional quality” pics to be on the net, including landscape shots, how many megapixels would I need? There are 8 megapixel cameras out there, but would I need that much camera? Keep in mind that money is also an important consideration

By the way, if there are any camera company execs out there that would like to chip in a “media copy” of a camera and have me review it on RWN, shoot me an email. Maybe we can work something out…

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