RWN’s Ann Coulter Interview #4

John Edwards’ campaign has fallen on such tough times that he has had to accept public financing. Do you think the damage that you did to him in the running feud you two have gotten into has something to do with that?

If by “running feud” you mean the way Edwards cries every time I make a joke about him, yes, I think that has not made him seem more commander-in-chief like to most voters. I predict he’s going to have a bad hair day in Iowa, and another one in New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton seems to be trying to paint herself as a girl power feminist role model, someone that other women should vote for because she represents them as women. What do you think about that?

It hasn’t helped John Edwards.

Barack Obama seems to be generating much more grassroots enthusiasm than any of the other Democratic candidates, but he’s far behind Hillary Clinton in the polls. You think racism could play a role in that?

I think his entire campaign is based on racism – the racism of white liberals taking a break from accusing the black maid of stealing liquor in order to fawn over Obama and pretend that he is even remotely qualified to be president.

Your comments about Jews being “perfected” — wasn’t that just standard Christian doctrine? That, yes, Christians do want to convert other people to Christianity and that, yes, we do think the whole world would be better off if everyone shared our faith?

Yes. As the Oxford University Guide to the New Testament describes Paul’s argument in the Book of Hebrews, “Christianity represented the perfection of Judaism. Christianity was the religion foretold by the prophets.”

And the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on the New Testament says, “between the New and Old Testaments there is a direct but not revolutionary succession as a superficial observer might be inclined to believe; just as in living beings, the imperfect state of yesterday must give way before the perfection of today.”

I guess the public schools are doing their job if half the country is unfamiliar with the most basic, bare bones description of Christianity.

Do you think it’s particularly ironic that some people were claiming after your comments on Donny Deutsch’s show that you were anti-Semitic given that you’re dating Andrew Stein, a liberal Jew? (Incidentally, how can someone who dislikes liberals as much you do make a relationship with a liberal work?)

Didn’t you read my chapter on ME! in “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans”? I refuse to acknowledge personal questions. But I will say that, unlike most of my Page Six boyfriends, I at least know this one.

You caught a lot of flack for saying, “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.” Wasn’t that just a tongue in cheek comment meant to point out the bad choices so many single women are making about which political party to support?

No, it’s not tongue-in-cheek, it’s an inarguable statement of the facts.

You recently wrote, “If liberals want to face real fascism, try showing up on a college campus and denouncing fascism.” Can you expound a bit on that?

Let’s just say I’m looking into having the taser-armed University of Florida police doing security at my next college speech.

You’ve probably said more controversial things over the last few years than any other 2 or 3 other conservative pundits and radio hosts combined. Given that we conservatives tend to kick each other under a bus at the first hint of controversy, why do you think you’ve been able not only to survive, but thrive?

“Controversial” means saying things that make liberals sniffle. Apparently a lot of Americans enjoy watching liberals sniffle.

A lot of people talk about the rhetoric you use and dislike of your political opponents as if it’s unique, but don’t you think that there are quite a few liberals who get passes from the mainstream media even though their rhetoric and loathing of conservatives isn’t much different from yours? In other words, could you give a few names of people on the Left who should be considered every bit as controversial as you?

Since “controversial” means “making liberals sniffle” (see above), no liberal can ever be “controversial” by definition.

A lot of people assume that you deliberately create these enormous controversies you get involved in to gin up book sales. Is that true or do these controversies tend to blindside you?

Well, since I don’t cause them, I believe the question should be: “Do liberals deliberately create these enormous controversies to gin up ratings for their failing TV shows?” And the answer to that question is: “yes.” As I say in my book, you can always tell what liberals are up to by what they accuse you of.

While doing some research for this interview, I ran across liberal after liberal after liberal saying you shouldn’t be given a forum to speak. What do you think of the liberal attempts to censor you?

Get ready for Hillary’s America!

As you know, the presidential race on the GOP side is pretty wide open. Could you rank your 5 favorite candidates in order to give your fans a hint of which way they should vote in the primaries?

In no particular order, here are a bunch I like: Rep. Duncan Hunter, Nicolas Sarkozy, Pete Dupont, Rep. Steve King, Sen. James Inhofe, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, John Howard, Tom Tancredo and the University of Florida police who tasered that kid.

In one of your recent columns you wrote, “Michael Moore can waddle anywhere he wants in America without fear of violence from Republicans. But we still have to hear about every testy e-mail Paul Krugman ever receives as if liberals are living in the black night of fascism. Any time Krugman wants to get into a ‘Most Vicious Hate Mail’ contest, just say the word. You don’t hear me sniffling.”

How about posting 2-3 pieces of your hate mail, with the email address blotted out, of course, so people can see what it’s like?

1) I can’t because then I’d have to take six showers after doing such a wimp-ass, girly-girl thing as complain about my hate mail like Paul Krugman; and

2) I generally don’t read past the opening salutation: “Ann, you mother-f—ing whore.”

What’s your reaction to Chris Matthews saying you’re not welcome to be on his show for “a while?”


How about dashing off a quick sentence or even just a word or two about the following…

Nancy Pelosi: Ever heard the expression “she could screw up a train wreck”? She’s such a blithering, blinking nincompoop she can’t even get congressional gridlock to run smoothly.

Harry Reid: A gift from God to the G.O.P.

Media Matters: Media might matter, but “Media Matters” clearly doesn’t.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: One of the most pro-American speakers ever invited to lecture by Columbia University

Keith Olbermann: The Ward Churchill of MSNBC

Al Gore: America’s favorite gay Vulcan.

Elizabeth Edwards: She never calls me anymore when I’m being interviewed on live TV. Was it something I said?

CAIR: N.A.A.C.B. – The National Association for the Advancement of Car Bombers.

Are there any blogs or columnists you particularly enjoy reading?

That Ann Coulter is terrific! So controversial! I wonder if she means all those terrible things she says…

Also: Mark Steyn, Pat Buchanan, Phyllis Schlafly, David Limbaugh, Brent Bozell and many others, generally found on Human Events and Townhall.

Blogs: Sweetness & Light, Kausfiles, LOTUS blog, Newsbusters, Little Green Footballs, Ms. Underestimated, The Accidental Harpist — and of course, Right-Wing News — among others.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new book, “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans.”

Two words: Perfect gift.

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* Note: If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans has been advertised on RWN and this interview was conducted via email.

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