Saddam Vs. The Animal Kingdom

by John Hawkins | March 25, 2003 9:24 pm

Saddam Vs. The Animal Kingdom: Look out Saddam! Even the animal kingdom is against you…

“With a camera strapped to his fin, the bottle-nose dolphin is one of about 100 dolphins and sea lions[1] helping to clear shipping lanes in the Gulf to ensure a safe passage for vessels, including those which will provide humanitarian relief.”

But it’s not just dolphins and sea lions helping to clear mines, Morocco is sending monkeys[2] to clear land mines…

“A Moroccan publication accused the government Monday of providing unusual assistance to U.S. troops fighting in Iraq by offering them 2,000 monkeys trained in detonating land mines.

The weekly al-Usbu’ al-Siyassi reported that Morocco offered the U.S. forces a large number of monkeys, some from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and others imported, to use them for detonating land mines planted by the Iraqis.

The publication quoted a highly-informed source as saying, “that is not a scientific illusion but a well-known military tactic.”

I have never heard of using monkeys to clear land mines. Do they train these monkeys to actually disarm the mines or do they just chase them into a mine field with a stick and wait for the “boom”?

Then of course, there is the most terrible weapon of all…The Puppy-Oil Cannon[3]. Even if the Iraqis survive the monkeys and dolphins, not even Saddam’s most hardened troops can hold out against this terrible weapon (wink, wink 😉

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