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by John Hawkins | October 30, 2007 4:00 am

No one likes to kill people who don’t need killing. It causes heartache and pain among the warriors and the population. In order to help the Taliban (and this is the only help they are going to receive from me)I have a helpful tip for them and their foreign fighter buddies that they have invited to the dance.


If you already live in Afghanistan, and you think being part of the Taliban, or supporting the Taliban is for you, I suggest that you follow the rule of the dog; Do not take a dump where you eat.

The fact that Scott Pelley and his report[1] (h/t Newsbusters) imply that we are as bad as the Taliban just sends me to the moon. The following exchange sent me from there to f’ing Jupiter:

UNKNOWN MAN ( Translated ): During the Russian invasion, we haven’t heard of ten members of one family being killed by Russians in one incident. But the Americans did that.

PELLEY: These Afghans, like many others, are trying to decide whether to support the U.S. backed government. We expected anger, but we didn’t expect this. You can’t be saying that the Soviets were kinder to your people than the Americans have been.

UNKNOWN MAN B( Translated ): We used to hate the Russians much more than Americans. But now when we see all this happening, I am telling you Russians behaved much better than the Americans.

PELLEY: Really, there’s no comparison. The Soviets killed something like a million Afghans over ten years. But it’s the kind of thing that Afghans are saying. So far this year, 17 air strikes have killed more than 270 civilians, according to the humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch. It leaves Afghan President Hamid KARZAI explaining to his people why they’re being killed by his allies. Why are so many Afghan civilians being killed by U.S. forces?

I will tell you why Scott, the terrorists are hiding behind civilians hoping that they will not be struck by the Fist of God. They launch 107mm Rockets at us and they run and hide like little girls in a water balloon fight. They are cowards who rarely stand and fight. I have been rocketed more than a few times, and it is un-nerving as hell. If the crew is good, they set them on timers and are drinking tea in their mud hut hours afterward, acting as if nothing ever happened. If the crew is very good, they are able to adjust them some and hit what they aim at, but that requires them to actually be there.

That was how we killed The Rocketeers outside our FOB one night last year….

They set up in an area that they thought was outside of our mortar range. They had done this a couple times, and they were indeed out of mortar range those times, but this time, they miscalculated the distance. When the rockets started coming in, the counter-measures picked them up and the mortar team we had there had out-going to the exact coordinates of the rockets in less than 30 seconds.

120 Mortar rounds have a way of ruining your entire day. As a cherry on the top, we also had an F-16 drop a couple bombs on them. Those guys never shot at us again. I have to say, it must have been hard to hire guys to be on a rocket team in Eastern Afghanistan in 06-07.

Ahmed: Are you here about the rocket team position?

Surhob:Yes! How much is the pay?

Ahmed: Let’s not discuss that now. Can you aim the rockets at the infidel Americans?

Surhob: Yes. I know how. Who will I be working with?

Ahmed: I do not know. I have to hire another cell leader.

Surhob: What happened to the last one?

Ahmed: That is not important now. Do not be concerned. Allah will provide you the agreed upon virgins.

Surhob: How many infidels will we kill?

Ahmed: I do not know. I have never seen the rockets land. I am here in my home when you launch them and I know nothing of you. In fact, stop talking to me and flee from my sight, before the Fist of Allah strikes me down!

The lesson here boys and girls (and Mr. Sparkle too) is that you don’t get to shoot at Americans and run to your home, sit by the fire and holler “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!!”

We will come and get you, or send a bomb.

Now some of you know that I also believe that it is sometimes better to send a man, instead of a bomb. However, that usually depends on the target. We usually try not to run into a compound after fleeing insurgent. Not good. Could be some very bad men waiting for you inside and then it is a knife fight in a phone booth. Insurgents in our area and other areas have held up little children to show the Predator drones and Apache pilots that there are little children in the compounds they hid in.

Scott starts to redeem himself with parts like this.

PELLEY: If so much care is being taken, why are so many civilians getting killed?

GARLASCO: Because the Taliban are violating international law and because the U.S. just doesn’t have enough troops on the ground. You have the Taliban shielding in people’s homes. And you have this small number of troops on the ground, and sometimes the only thing they can do is drop bombs.

There are plenty of troops in Afghanistan. The whole concept is moving to making the Afghans responsible for their own security. The Taliban and these foreign fighters really don’t want us to leave. The Afghans have a very different view on justice and war than we do.

There is just so much here to truly piss me off that I can’t put it all here without eating up the entire bandwidth needed to pilot the Space Shuttle. Have a read on the entire thing.

If you bring your family to war, you are responsible for what happens to them. If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Pull the tiger’s tail, and he will bite your arm off so you don’t do it again.

This content was used with the permission of Blackfive[2].

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