See? The president is cutting the deficit!


Deficit hits $1 trillion in June for second year

Oh, sure, start out with the bad news. Skip to the second paragraph:

The deficit was $1.005 trillion at the end of June for fiscal year 2010, which is $81 billion less than it was after nine months of fiscal 2009, according to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released late Wednesday.

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There, see? We’ve spent an average of $9 billion per month less this fiscal year (which begins on September 1, remember) than we did last fiscal year.

Progress! So kwitcher kvetching.

Of course, we also have to remember that the federal deficit never, ever, rose above $500 billion in any full fiscal year, and now we’re rocketing past that in something like three months. Two years in a row, we’ve done that.

So, y’know, when the guy who gained 500 pounds loses ten, you do want to give him the ol’ attaboy. It’s a start. But. Y’know. Da-yum.

In other news: “stimulus” champion Paul Krugman is ripping his hair out with both hands.

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