Send A GOP Valentine

These are actually funny! You can send these to anyone with an e-mail. Take a look.

You know if Time Magazine doesn’t like it, it must be good.

I thought I might take this opportunity to give you some inexpensive ideas for Valentines Day. There are two gifts that have been appreciated the most by my hubby and they cost little. The first is homemade goodies. Find out what your sweetie’s favorite food or dessert and make it. It doesn’t have to be sweets. For example, my honey likes different types of “White Trash Chex Mix” (hey, I can’t help what it’s called!). I mix raisins, nuts, M&Ms, chex, and pretzels. I portion it in sandwich bags and put those in a valentines box. Bake your own cookies, cakes, or brownies. Guys, make your own chocolate covered strawberries. It’s easy! She will love it! People always appreciate homemade things.

The second is “romantic coupons” you make yourself. I don’t think I need to explain it, you get the picture. This works best from women to the guys though. Coupons from guys to women might work better with things like “will clean entire house on Saturday,” “will babysit one weekend for you to have a girl’s weekend with your girlfriends,” ect… What is something that you don’t like to go to with your sweetie, but she always wants you to (like musicals or dances)? Make a coupon saying you will go next time. Include a small box of chocolates with the coupons. It will look nicer.

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Anyway, hope this helps some of you. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments. Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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