Sending Sympathy Cards To Women Who’ve Just Had An Abortion?

by John Hawkins | March 14, 2007 1:46 pm

I was listening to Rush[1] and he mentioned that a group has actually created sympathy ecards to send to women who have abortions[2],

“A nonprofit organization has unveiled a series of electronic greeting cards that concerned friends and relatives can send to a woman after she chooses to have an abortion.

Like Exhale’s confidential talk line for women who have had abortions, the six e-cards available on the group’s Web site were designed to be nonpartisan and encompass the range of someone’s potential responses to going through an abortion.

…”We designed them to deal with different peoples’ response to abortion. Not everyone is grieving their loss. Not everyone has a relationship with God. Not everyone thinks it is the best thing,” Baker said. “We hope the people who send them take the time to think not only about the message they want to send, but about what is best for the person receiving it and what they need to hear.”

Now, Rush made a great point here; don’t you usually send sympathy cards to the victim? In this case, the victim is dead after the abortion is over. So, why are you sending a card?

Anyway, Rush suggested, tongue-in-cheek, a couple of potential cards for this company, which I decided to create;

First of all, here’s Rush’s suggestion for a card from the child that was aborted to his mother,

abortion ecard

Here’s Rush’s 2nd suggestion, for a card from the mother to the child she just had killed,

If those seem a little cruel, well, having your own child put to death is an extraordinarily cruel act.

Update #1: Rush seemed to think that it was unfair that the fathers who pushed women to abort their kids were being left out. After all, it takes two, right? So, he suggested one more potential card from the aborted fetus to the father,

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