Sheila Dixon Demonstrates the Advantage of Shrillary for VP

by Van Helsing | July 1, 2008 1:31 pm

There is one good reason for BHO to put Shrillary on the ticket. When his administration inevitably comes under fire for corruption and gross incompetence, he can defend himself be screaming about both racism and sexism[1], like Baltimore’s Mayor Sheila Dixon.

Dixon, who has the extreme good fortune to be both black and female, has been called to account for passing out government contracts and $millions in tax breaks to her friends. But her defense is ironclad:

I think there is sexism and racism … It covers the gambit.

That does cover the gambit. Even the Obamessiah can only use racism[2] to fend off criticism and overcome resistance. But with Shrillary on board, he’ll have both sides of the liberal brain covered.

Sheila Dixon: Corrupt, but politically impregnable.

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