Shorter Cindy Sheehan

by John Hawkins | October 24, 2006 7:25 am

As an experiment, I thought it might be fun to shorten Cindy Sheehan’s latest column[1], cut it down from 1340 to 169 words.

…puppet government of Iraq…Vietnam…Nixon’s “Vietnamization” program….warmonger Kissinger…even though my own son was killed in Iraq…death-drums pounding for Iran…Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia……War Machine…busy laundering the blood…National Bank of Lost Hopes and Dreams…Robert McNamara….BushCo…My Lai…Abu Ghraib….BushCo cannot retire to their ranches (in Crawford or Paraguay) or estates to live lives of relative ease. They must be prosecuted and imprisoned for the murders that their policies and greed have caused….During the ’60s we were told to be afraid, very afraid, of the Commun”ists.” Now we are being bombarded daily with convenient and politically expedient warnings of the Terror”ists.”…proven liars…There is a proposed bill, HR4232 (McGovern, D-Mass.) to cut the funding for continued killing in Iraq. Pressure your Congressperson to support this bill….We need to transform the anti-war movement into a radical peace movement to make sure unending wars for greed never “happen again!”…people are dying for no reason…Iraq is worse than Vietnam.

So, Iraq is Vietnam, Bush must be thrown in jail, the Soviet Union wasn’t really a threat to America and neither are the terrorists, we need to kill funding to Iraq just like we did in Vietnam (Gee, how did that work out for us and for that matter, Vietnam?), and then the “radical peace movement” will prevent all war.


You know, I think this was a successful experiment. I feel like I delivered 100% of wild eyed, liberal craziness, while you, the reader, saved quite a bit of time. So, it’s a win/win situation!

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