Sick — No Posts Until Tomorrow

Argghh…I caught some sort of mutant flu bug from my roommate. I still feel terrible. Had to skip work, can’t eat, and am about to go back to bed. I may be in shape to post a little later tonight, but by then I’ll be prepping for tomorrow. So I’ve decided to only make this post today. I am too busy to be sick, but life tosses these little curveballs at you sometimes.

Also, after talking to an advertiser last night who couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t reply to him, I realized that a serious mistake was made when I switched over to the new design. ALL of the email sent to any address at was going to a general account at my host. I didn’t realize that was happening because the email sent to my main email addy johnhawkins -at- normally forwards to a hotmail account and some people were just using that address.

So when I looked in the catch-all account today, there were more than a thousand messages in there including tons of spam and I’m guessing a 100 viruses. Part of that is because my mail (which is almost all spam and viruses) along with my junk addresses for Right Wing News were all being forwarded to that same address. Now I don’t want to download all of those messages because of all the viruses and the webmail program my host has is so archaic, slow, & generally craptacular that it makes sorting through all of the messages almost impossible. While I was able to pick a few messages out of there, you should assume that if you sent me a message at johnhawkins -at- since the redesign, I probably didn’t even see it. I’m going to continue to try to sort through that mess, but I don’t have the time to do the job right.

However on the upside, I have corrected the problem and so if you want to resend any mail to me, I will receive it.

Ok, that’s enough writing. I need to get back to bed….RWN SHALL RETURN TOMORROW.

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