So I haven’t read the NY Times’ editorial on the Feds vs. Arizona lawsuit…

…and I’m probably not going to. What for, really?

Just for fun, let’s see if I can guess, word for word, what the editorial says:

See, the Constitution is the law of the land. Right? Right? Isn’t that what all those damn teabaggers are always bitching about? A return to “Constitutional principles?”

Well, fine. Does the Constitution mention Arizona? Anywhere? No! Did the Founding Fathers ever even speculate about Arizona? No!

So if you wanna talk about Arizona this, and Arizona that, and “upholding the law,” and “protecting the borders,” then you’d better belly up and read that Constitution, buddy. Because Arizona ain’t in there. And if Arizona ain’t in there, then their stupid racist law can’t be in there, either!


Just my guess. How’d I do? Close?

Yeah, probably not. I’ll bet it’s more sensible than whatever crap the Times came up with, though. Read it yourself and compare. Via Memeorandum.

(Rampant speculation: the TrogloPundit’s specialty)

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