So why is Jesse Jackson not chaining himself to the statehouse doors in any of those states, demanding that their workers be given their human rights?

The really odd thing about the union protests in Wisconsin is: what Wisconsin’s doing isn’t all that uncommon:

Only 26 states have laws that grant collective-bargaining privileges to substantially all public employees. Twelve have laws that give collective bargaining to some workers, and twelve have no statewide collective-bargaining law at all, though some municipalities may grant bargaining rights in those states.

So that’s a little odd. The unions claim to be Fighting The Good Fight, Protecting People’s Human Rights. “Protecting” those “human rights” from being taken away, or so they hyperbolize.

But what of the poor downtrodden workers in those states who don’t even recognize those rights? The starving masses in those backwater, one-horse states without even a paved road or schoolhouse stove? Why aren’t the Power To The People people doing anything for them?

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What about all those poor, poor federal workers, while we’re at it, suffering under the President’s iron boot?

And as I have been pointing out until I get blue in the face, most federal civilian workers do engage in collective bargaining, but wages and benefits are excluded from that bargaining, rendering it very limited. Far from seeking to strengthen the hand of federal-employee unions, Barack Obama has sought to impose a two-year wage freeze on federal workers through the budget process. If the federal government had a bargaining law like the one Wisconsin has today, he would be unable to do that.

That heartless bastard. That…that…

I’m sure that young lady has crossed “Walker” out and written in “Obama” by now, because come on.

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