Somebody invented the Goremotivator…and I wasn’t informed?

First, there were the Sarahmotivators. Then, the Obamotivators. The Krugmotivator, and, just a trifle less disturbingly, the Smittymotivator.

And, now: the Goremotivator.

Via Grandpa Steve (who also neglected to inform me of this important development), Mind Numbed Robot broke this new ground in Automotivator technology.

As a well-known connoisseur of all things Automotivator…well, you know. I can’t help it:

As a well-known Automotivator philanthropist, you also know that I’m going to share the original picture, so you can make your own:

I found that picture, by the way, by googling the phrase “Al Gore exposed.” You people better appreciate the risk I took doing that.

And one more thing: is Yankee Phil going to continue his “Anti-Rule 5 Roundup,” and if so, is this a little too “anti,” even for that?

(Posted by The TrogloPundit)

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