Somehow the “Evil Money-Grubbing GOP” Has Far Less Funds than the “Working Class” Democrats

It’s rather amusing and ironic that leading into the November midterm elections, the “evil money-grubbing GOP” has far less funds than the “working class” Democrats. I guess when you consider the “working class” is made up of the labor unions that helped to bankrupt this country with their demands for unwarranted wages and pensions; it becomes clear why they have the money and the power.

Take the Alan Grayson campaign, which by all accounts has become a national campaign since he has become the new resident hyperbolic mouthpiece of the left. Grayson has been able to out-fund the Republican challenger, Daniel Webster, and in doing so, run expensive TV spots on both local news and internet channels like VEVO. I mentioned on a v-log earlier this week, Grayson, like many other Democratic politicians, has been receiving large amounts of money from ACTBLUE, a prominent left-wing fund-raising PAC site. As I explained in the video, the security on the ACTBLUE website seems to be intentionally lax in order to circumvent campaign finance laws. The lack of address verification on the site allows a loophole for donations, possibly not coming from an individual or a US citizen (both required by law in order to donate). Needless to say, the dirty tricks of the left serve them well in collecting money.**Note- To all those rogue investigative journalists out there, dig a little deeper with this one.

Much of the GOP resurgence coming into the midterms has been due in part to the Tea Party movement. Unlike the Democratic Party, the tea party organizers haven’t relied on any special interests groups or the labor unions, all of their efforts have been strictly based on individual Americans and the grassroots. As we saw with the primaries, many of the tea party candidates came out ahead of the status quo republican picks. It remains to be seen how they will fair in the elections, but one thing is for certain, sparing some money for the candidate of your choice can’t hurt. In this media-driven society that we live in, these one minute hit piece commercials unfortunately make an impact on the uniformed masses. Both of the campaigns that I am closely following, Sandy Adams of district 24 and Daniel Webster of District 8, have both been targets of the expensive drive-by dem-o-merical, and both are doing their best to dispel the false accusations put forth by the dems.

Time is of the essence folks. Exactly two months until this country takes the first possible step to reclaiming its rightful glory. I can’t emphasize it enough, find your man or woman, and show your support, monetary or otherwise. We already know the dems bring an Uzi to a water gun fight, so let’s not let them take the Hill yet again.

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