Spies, Thighs & Lies … Oh MY

Are you following this story as close as I am? Ripped right out of a James Bond movie or a Robert Ludlum novel, a former Russian spy died last week from radiation poison. It seems Alexander Litvinenko absorbed polonium210, a rare and highly toxic radioactive material.

Days before he died, Litvinenko fingered the Kremlin as his assassin. Even with that “deathbed” accusation, the police are investigating the possibility that Litvinenko may have killed himself to discredit Putin.

This is NOT your mother’s soap opera: ABC Daytime Soap All My Children will explore groundbreaking territory as they introduce a transgender character, (transitioning from male to female), to the canvas.

Predictably, GLAAD is giddy over the possibilities: “I think it’s groundbreaking and breakthrough television for daytime to put a spotlight on transgender people and tell their story.”

And finally, members from the Cut & Run party on the left, have promised America not to offer liberal plans in the next Congress. Dingell, Rangel & Frank are going to concentrate on things that mainstream America wants. Is it just me, or are you just as skeptical ?

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