Spilled beer, irony, liberal fecklessness, and a long-legged model in pink lingerie…

…this post has it all!

Many fun and interesting things happen on eBay. True. But none so fun or interesting — or as satisfying — as this one:

This is an auction for the famous “Pink Slip” that was hurled at Representative Robin Vos at the Racine Lincoln Day Dinner by notorious goof ball, Vos-Stalker, protestor Miles Kristan. Without missing a beat, Rep. Vos put the Slip up for auction (proceeds to the Republican party) and I bought it for $100.

Consequently, Mr. Kristan donated, in a very direct fashion, $100 to his arch enemies.

This same guy was recently busted for pouring a beer over Vos’s head at a Madison bar.

And now:

In the spirit of True Capitalism, I am putting this piece of Wisconsin political history up for auction. Any PROFITS from this auction will be split between the campaign funds of Robin Vos and Governor Walker.

While I would LOVE to make these contributions in Mr. Kristan’s name, the legal fees would be daunting.

BUT, in spirit, when this auction is complete, he will have contributed to The Republican Party, Robin Vos AND Governor Walker.

Miles Kristan, one of Wisconsin’s pseudo-professional protesters, who made his way to infamy by pouring beer onto a GOP legislator and then bragging about it to the press.

And as a reward for his incessant childishness — more money for the very conservatives he seeks to embarrass.

The irony! The chutzpah! The sheer magnificent justice of it all!

The bidding currently stands at $172.50, with about two and a half days to go. I’m hoping that prospective bidders are biding their time, hoping to get that last-nanosecond bid in and win in the end. If so, great! If not, let me ask you:

Have you enjoyed watching the Great Liberal Freakout play out here in Wisconsin? Wouldn’t you love to be a part of it?


(P.S. I promised a long legged model in pink lingerie. Well, here she is.)


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