Spreading the Sarahmotivator wealth

by TrogloPundit | October 4, 2009 3:44 pm

Been having some fun over at The TrogloPundit[1] all week making automotivators out of a Sarah Palin pic I found over at American Power.

Between myself and a bunch of other bloggers and non-bloggers, we’ve got…oh, I dunno. A bunch of them. I’d count, but my shoes are on. And the laces are double-knotted. Feel free to count them up yourself:

Part I.[2]
Part II.[3]
Part III.[5]
One more.[6]
More Sarahmotivators.[7]

Anyway, I thought I’d bring the party over here. This one’s from Carolyn Tackett:[8]


She’s got more. Click here.[10]

And here’s a couple from the non-blogging (as far as I know, anyway – I’ve emailed to ask) anginak:



I’ll get tired of this sooner or later, but neither sooner nor later have gotten here yet. Wanna try? Click here[13] to save the original picture, then click here[14] to make it into an automotivator.

Email it to me, or email me a link to where you’ve posted it. I’ll spread it around.

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