Stay Classy HuffPo: The HuffPo On Tony Snow

by John Hawkins | August 20, 2007 5:30 am

Over at the Huffington Post[1], where almost the entire audience is in the later stages of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a lot of the readers are taking sick pleasure in Tony Snow leaving the White House.

It’s not enough for them to simply be excited that a political adversary is getting out of the game; no, instead you’ve got people who are making it clear they’re happy Snow has cancer, saying that they hope he rots in hell, and even one guy wondering if he’s gay (Isn’t it a bit odd that liberals seem to constantly accuse the people they hate the most of being gay?)

Granted, it’s not all the readers at the HuffPo that feel this way, but if you want to see the standard, run-of-the-mill, raw hatred that’s dished out on mainstream liberal blogs like the Huffington Post, these comments will do as well as any,

bamabarrron: personally i would like to see him recover … and then be prosecuted for his criminal spinning. with snow, justice delayed would be justice served!

Mekarri: I don’t care about Snow or his cancer. He is a cancer on the US along with bush and the rest of his crew. So what if snow dies, I hope it is slow and painful. Thousands of americans and iraqi civilians have died in this war that bush created and they had to die far away from home and all alone. Snow is bush cheerleader. I hope he rot in hell and take the rest of them with him.

mollywood: Boo hoo! He’s got cancer. How many people in the world that don’t have cancer are dying because of him and his cronies? You are one idiot to feel sorry for him because of his cancer! Do you have any empathy for the young men/women in IRAQ who are there because of his lies and are dying as we read this? Tell me, please. Go over to the Rush board. They’re all probably praying!!!

MrBritesnide: Would that his bosses could join him. Hell yawns before them.

rhetoric.assassin2012: yeah go back to your awful radio show that screens anyone with a different opinion as yours, so it can look like everyone agrees with your corporate funded rhetoric…..

Man this guy is like a cockroach. I think the man upstairs is trying to tell ya something Tony. Karma, social justice, killing the messenger, God’s Wrath….someone is trying to give him a sign…

Steamboater: It’s nice to feel that way but some people deserve what they get. If Hitler had gotten cancer of the mouth, that would have been nice, just as as if Stalin and Mao and even Rumsfeld had gotten a terminal illness, that would have been even nicer. Just think, if all the thugs who had been repsonsible for getting us into Iraq never existed, 4,000 Americans and counting would still be alive.

Progress: I’m not terribly superstitious but I’m wondering what a psychic reader would have to say about Mr. Snow’s right palm, which he exposes in the picture above. His life-line seems to plunge into a confusing morass of creases, tangles and wrinkles that renders the word “Lies” — as if by some nefarious magic — and is preceded on the left by a prominent pentagram. Hmmmmmm.

Also of interest to those who notice such things: Mr. Snow’s index finger seems at least the same length or longer than his third finger which, according to the latest research on body types and hair whorls and such, indicates homosexuality. If so, there is a major cover-up going on inside the Bush Administration that promises at last to provide some relief from the public sense of national tragedy that currently overwhelms those obsequious minions of Fox News who have returned in their disappointment to the National Enquirer standing in line at grocery check-outs across America. Perhaps Karl Rove will return reunited into a tabloid story of romance and intrigue that will take their minds off this queer narrative of corruption the Bush Administration has become.

Indeed, Nancy Reagan found comfort in astrology. Hillary was said to have channeled Eleanor Roosevelt during White House seances. Poor Laura is stuck with a hoary Bush and a staff troubled by hairy palms.

Abitmadcap: He needs to get his cancer into remission….

and then we can Hang the f*cking sh*t out of him until he Kicks…right along with the rest of them…


esquire07: You better leave soon Tony, the poisonous lies your spread every day, the hate and fear you fill the air waves with are not good for your cancer.

You fill the world with Cancer Tony, and it will come back to you.

Karma Tony

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