Suicide Bombers On Iran Kids’ TV By Robert Spencer

by John Hawkins | November 7, 2005 9:15 am

More Iranian grotesquerie from the Telegraph[1], with thanks to Scaramouche:

Iranian state television has broadcast a cartoon that glorifies suicide bombings against Israelis, depicting a young boy blowing himself up after being told: “Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine.”

And how hateful and mad are their elders.

The cartoon, one of a series shown by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting on “Jerusalem Day” nine days ago, presents the actions of a boy who kills himself to strike back against Israelis as a noble example for children to follow. The cartoon follows the story of Abd who dies in a suicide attack More professionally produced and graphic than previous Iranian propaganda aimed at children, the cartoon appears to be part of a campaign led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to elevate the issue of the destruction of Israel. The day before the cartoon was shown, he declared at a World Without Zionism conference: “This stain of disgrace [Israel] will be wiped off the face of the world – and this is attainable.”…

A British diplomat in London said: “The increase in anti-Israeli propaganda and Ahmadinejad’s dangerous rhetoric will only serve to alienate him from his people and further isolate Iran. For the West, as well as Israel, the prospect of this man having his finger on a nuclear button is truly horrifying.”

This content was used with the permission of Jihad Watch[2]

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