Support Israeli Terror Victims: I

by John Hawkins | June 24, 2002 4:39 pm

Support Israeli Terror Victims: I ran across a link to Fly-a-cake[1] on the Jerusalem Post[2] and I immediately thought it was a fantastic idea…

“Thousands of Israelis are battling the physical and emotional after-effects of falling victim to a terrorist attack. Many are still in hospitals across Israel while others are at rehabilitation centers or at home, struggling to come to terms with their injuries. Reach out and express your concern for these victims of terror. Send them a care package to show that they are in your thoughts.

For your donation of $9, $18, $36 or $72, Fly-a-cake will put together a delicious care package full of chocolates and freshly baked cookies, and deliver it with your note direct to a terror victim. Fly-a-cake has launched this non-profit initiative to make a small difference in the lives of terror victims. All money received goes towards the contents of the care packages and the salaries of delivery personnel”

This is a great way to let some of these poor people who’ve been wounded by terrorists know that they’re in your thoughts. Personally, I bought an $18 package but they even have them as cheap as $9. If I spent $18, you can afford to spend at least $9 to brighten the day of a terror victim can’t you?

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