Support Our Troops

by John Hawkins | March 20, 2003 11:44 am

Support Our Troops: War with Iraq appears to be imminent and it looks like the men and women in our armed forces will soon be going into combat. They’re going to be putting their lives on the line to protect our country and to liberate the Iraqi people and some of them won’t be coming home.

Well, I want to give RWN’s readers a chance to let our troops (& the British troops) know that we appreciate what they’re doing. At first, I was just going to link to the post Scrappleface[1] put up for this purpose.

However, I changed my mind after I read the following in a post about a pro-America rally on North Georgia Dogma[2]…

“Cindy Ralston of Hiram wore a T-shirt that read, “I’m a military mom and proud of it.” Her 20-year-old son is an Army Ranger. She didn’t want to give his name or location, fearing for his safety.

Her sign read, “Troops: you make us free, you make us proud, you make us brave; We love you.” She never thought she would attend a rally like Saturday’s until last month, when she talked with her son about anti-war protesters.

” ‘You can’t imagine how it makes us feel to see Americans protesting what we’re doing,’ ” her son told her.

“As a mother, that just broke my heart,” Ralston said.”

After reading that, I figured “why should we just have one blog letting our troops know that we back them?” I’m proud of everything we’re doing in Iraq, I’m proud of our troops, and I support them 100%. If you feel the same way, feels free to say so in the comments section of this post. We have plenty of readers who are in the military and hopefully they’ll help us get the word out to their colleagues who need to see this. Just to make sure we get plenty of posts, this will remain near the top of the page all week long.

Last but not least, let me echo what Scott Ott said on Scrappleface…

“[Note: If you are opposed to U.S. military action in Iraq or elsewhere, you are welcome to post a comment under a relevant story, but please leave this comment section to those who want to offer support, encouragement, love and prayers to our troops.]”

***Update***: I have given Michele Catalano of A Small Victory[3] permission to send out a copy of all these comments in each CD sent to our soldiers through Troop Trax[4] CD. Here’s a little more info on Troop Trax[4] for those of you that haven’t heard about it…

“Operation TROOPtrax is a project started to send music to our troops in the Middle East.

While the soldiers do get care packages from various organizations, it’s come to my attention that what they could really use is music.

Through PayPal and Amazon donations, I will be collecting money to purchase used cds for the troops. The packages will also include other donated items such as current issues of magazine, comic books and batteries.”

Thanks for helping us get the word out Michele!

***Update***: Since I put this original post up early Monday morning, the Aussies have come through with 2000 troops — some of whom are already at work in Iraq. Since they’re putting their soldiers on the line with us, I thought I should mention them as well.

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