Surprise, Surprise: Californians Upset Over Lack Of Doctors Under Obamacare

by Dustin Siggins | April 6, 2014 9:16 am

Under the Affordable Care Act, the American people were promised better care for less money. Conservative — and, especially, Tea Party — concerns about the unlikeliness of these goals actually happening were ignored. Now, California CBS affiliate KPIX-TV is reporting things aren’t so grand in one of the country’s most liberal states (via The Washington Free Beacon[1]):

Californians are expressing their dissatisfaction with California’s health insurance exchange, CoveredCalifornia.

Covered California’s Executive Director Peter Lee testified before a Congressional committee about the successes of Covered California.

“It takes, in our mind, three things for an exchange to work. It takes having affordable health plans delivering quality care, it takes effective marketing outreach, and it takes effective enrollment,” Lee said.

Sadly though, Californians newly enrolled in Covered California are facing the grim reality that the care they are receiving is neither affordable, nor quality.

Few doctors are accepting the new health insurance plans, Californians say.

Check out the full report here[2] and immediately below. It’s one minute and 12 seconds of reporting awesomeness:

Here[3] is another report KPIX did in February, on the same subject. It’s just as devastating as the one above.

If only other media outlets were this honest — the ACA would be long gone.


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