Taking Down Eric Boehlert

Patrick Frey and Matt Welch are just hammering useful tool Eric Boehlert of Media Mutters for America. We’re talkin’ utter devastation — total Maximus Decimus Meridius takedown territory for the useful clown at MMFA.

Matt’s piece is especially killer, “Don’t You Go Calling Obama an ‘ex-state senator, ‘Hater!’.”

Turns out Boehlert can’t get out from under this comment:

And I don’t even have to do a Google search to know for a fact that when President Bush was in office, there was nobody on staff at the Times, and certainly nobody writing off the opinion pages, who was allowed to so casually insult the office of the presidency on a regular basis.

Clear and unambiguous indictment, right?

So, Matt nails him on it, for example:

As the Internet kidz like to say, let me Google that for you. There’ll you see a Bush-era L.A. Times columnist — one of the most consistently popular among the paper’s stable at the time — who used these phrases to describe Obama’s predecessor:

* “Bubble Boy
* “
willfully blind
* “
distracted and incompetent
* “
homegrown authoritarian
* “
* “
a bad dream, a shameful, inexplicable interlude in American history
* enabler of “
the so-called Big Lie theory of political propaganda, articulated most infamously by Adolf Hitler.”
* “
if you dilute civilian control of the military, you end up with fascism or a Latin American-style military junta….we’re already well on the way to having that kind of regime.”
* “
being a citizen in George W. Bush’s America is like being a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver.”
* “
I don’t hate George Bush. But I sure hate what he’s done to my country.”

Incidentally, that columnist above, Rosa Brooks, has since gone on to take a job in Obama’s Pentagon.


Well, except that obviously there’s no meaningful reality for useful tool Eric Boehlert. He writes hopelessly in response, “Thanks to Matt Welch at Reason for proving my point about LA Times hating Obama.”

I’ll refer readers back to Matt Welch for more. But I’m thinking this is a good time to refer Eric Boehlert to Karen Alloy:

But to continue, go to Patterico for some epic smash-mouth politics: “Eric Boehlert: No, Seriously! Kick Me!” In what has to be the funniest investigation EVAH!! turns out Boehlert denied that he cross-posted his stuff to “Smirking Chimp,” the Bush-era Bush-hating website. It’s too good (so follow the links above), but Patterico went over there, signed up, and posted this:


There’s lots more (so again, check those links). But hey, give it up for Patterico!

And FWIW, follow Boehlert’s further circus performances on Twitter.

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