Ted Kennedy — Republican Hero?

This article from the Boston Globe is just nauseating.

The piece starts out with RNC Chairman Mel Martinez and that empty headed mediocrity Lindsey Graham yucking it up with Ted Kennedy over how they stuck it to conservatives on this immigration bill. Then, just read some of these quotes about Ted Kennedy,

Yesterday, the two Cabinet secretaries — both of whom have been subjects of Kennedy broadsides in the past — lauded the Democrats’ aging lion as the one indispensable player in the negotiating process.

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“He’s awesome,” gushed Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff , as he left a news conference announcing the bipartisan agreement. “I’d say he was one of the critical leaders in putting together this deal.”

Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez called it “a real privilege” to work with Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat and liberal stalwart who spends much of his time trying to thwart or undo Bush administration policies.

“It’s obvious we’re in different parties. We don’t always agree,” Gutierrez said. But, he added, Kennedy “is focused. He’s very determined.”

…”There were times he [Kennedy] blew up, and I had to calm him down. There were times I blew up, and he calmed me down,” said (Lindsey) Graham . But he said the Massachusetts lawmaker refused to let things drop.

“He was informed, determined, practical, and essential,” Graham said. Asked whether there was a moment when Kennedy had saved the package when it appeared to be crumbling, Graham said, “112 moments.”

Is there any more praise that these braindead morons want to heap on Ted Kennedy — that’s TED KENNEDY!!!! — for screwing America and conservatives around the country with this disastrous bill? Can the next article perhaps feature Graham and Kennedy hugging?

Where in the world did these blockheads ever come up with the idea that it was a good idea for Republicans to screw over their seething base in order to sign on to an unpopular immigration bill written by Ted Kennedy and then slobber all over him when it was all over? Even Lindsey Graham and 33% approval rating’s flunkies should know better than that.

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