Ted Kennedy’s Socialist Agenda

Many people have taken notice of the fact that Democrats running for national office — like John Kerry — often end up defining themselves as “unrepublicans.” In other words, they spend most of their time talking about why they oppose Republican policies, instead of trying to get elected based on what they believe in.

There’s a reason why they do that and that is: their agenda is so odious and unpopular with the American people that the Democratic Party as exists today would be largely destroyed if they actually ran on what the liberal elite who run the party believe in.

Take a look at this article that features Ted Kennedy “outlining a progressive agenda” for the Democratic Party and you’ll see what I mean.

Early on in the piece, Kerry throws a meaningless bone out to people who disagree with the party on abortion…

“But at the same time, Kennedy said fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s narrow election loss also showed that the party must “speak more directly to the issues of deep conscience in policy positions we take.” Referring to abortion, he said Democrats should not yield on a woman’s right to choose, but should also acknowledge that “we are a better society when abortions are rare.”

Reading about Ted Kennedy saying that he wants abortions to be “rare” is like listening to the CEO of Bojangles claim that the most important thing to him is the life and welfare of the chickens his restaurant serves up. It’s just a joke.

When Dems like Kennedy oppose any and every legislative measure that might make abortion more “rare” like banning late term abortions or requiring parental consent for abortions by minors, deride people who are pro-life as fanatical, misogynistic kooks and try to block judges simply based on the fact that they’re anti-abortion, why would anyone believe their lip service about wanting abortion to be rare?

But, Kennedy didn’t just toss out fluff, he did talk — at least in part — about the real Democratic agenda. For example…

“To punctuate his progressive push, Kennedy said Medicare should be gradually expanded to cover all citizens, and the cost would be funded through payroll taxes and general revenues and offset by savings through technology advances.”

So in essence, Kennedy is advocating socialized medicine, an enormous growth of government, and enormous tax hikes. No big suprise. This issue has been something near and dear to the hearts of Democrats for a long time.

Here’s more from Kennedy…

“He also called for greater federal support for college costs, saying that every student who is admitted to college should be guaranteed the cost of earning a degree.”

So he wants to socialize our education system as well which would also mean an enormous growth of government and enormous tax hikes. I think I see a pattern here…incidentally, don’t you just love the idea of ponying up more of your tax money to pay for somebody else’s kid spending six years in college getting a philosophy degree?

Here’s the conclusion of the article…

“Wednesday, Kennedy laid down markers for the coming congressional session, vowing to defeat President Bush’s efforts to revamp Social Security, and reject policies that send jobs overseas. And he ratcheted up his assault against the administration’s handling of the war and its aftermath in Iraq.

Raising the specter of Iraq as Bush’s Vietnam, Kennedy said the administration has bogged America down “in an endless quagmire.”

So, Kennedy finishes up by refusing to fix Social Security, rejecting “policies that send jobs overseas” (let me translate that; for the most part it means opposing free trade) and then emphasizes that Democrats can’t be trusted to handle national security because to them, every war is Vietnam.

Put another way, Kennedy, like most liberal Democrats, is a socialist at heart, and he wants America to emulate the shining examples of nations like France, Germany, and Spain.

If only the rest of the Democratic Party would be as honest, especially around election time…

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