Texas Democrat says domestic violence is “overrated”

by Ashley Herzog | February 21, 2014 4:19 pm

This might be the most boneheaded, unintelligent statement from a Texas politician since Ann Richards’ opponent compared rape to the weather. (If it’s inevitable, “relax and enjoy it.”) A Democratic candidate for Harris County DA says domestic violence is “overrated.”[1]


“Family violence is so, so overrated,” he asserted, saying that “just me touching you” would be considered “an act of family violence,” adding: “An inordinate amount of time [is] spent on that when we could get more criminals out of Harris County by doing what I suggest, I guarantee.”

Oliver said the best way to deal with such cases is to ensure they get super-speedy trials.

It will be interesting to see if liberals and feminists “stand by their man” and vote for this guy anyway.:  I’m betting they will. After all, Bill Clinton’s history of sexual harassment never hurt him with the base.

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