Texas School Indoctrination Alert: Deceitful Defining of Liberals and Conservatives

Texas GOP Vote.com reports on disturbing school political propaganda being taught and distributed by Roosevelt High School (NEISD) teacher Barbara Geerdes when she passed out the handout, “Philosophical Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives,” to her AP U.S. Government class.

A student in Barbara Geerdes’ AP Government class grew concerned over the teacher’s repeated politicization of the classroom and managed to get one of the documents out and brought it home, where he could show it to his parents. Geerdes’ handout made it to the State Republican Executive Committee’s quarterly meeting Saturday, March 28th, where it was discussed. According to a source that has recently followed up with the father of the student:

The Dean of Students responded that the teacher admitted that she has been distributing handouts all year without required pre-approval from the head of the social studies department. She has been giving these out to all of her classes, not just the AP class. She has always collected the handouts at the end of the class period and has never allowed the handouts to be taken home.

The nature of this blatant indoctrination of the youth continues to permeate throughout the public school system and colleges. It is obvious that the Left cannot win on their own agenda’s merits because in reality it is an agenda of oppression and injustice in itself. Just ask the children in the successful DC school voucher program about how the Obama administration shows them justice.

Furthermore, liberals, progressives, and socialists always disguise their true intentions under the guise of good will. With a compliant and silent TV and print media to these continuous cons, the Left has effectively hijacked the mantra of good will and this administration constantly deems unpopular, socialistic legislation under the cover of “the right thing to do.”

The Right better get it together to set the record straight on the Left’s revisionist history lessons, knowingly deceitful teachers, misleading political agendas based on false good will to fool the people–these are the foundations for the Left. And this is what is being taught to impressionable children:


As for the angel and the devil comparison between liberals and conservatives, wasn’t it Saul Alinsky who celebrated the first radical, Lucifer? Yes, indeed it was. As it appears in Obama’s playbook “Rules for Radicals”:


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