The 10 Biggest Stories Of 2005

by John Hawkins | December 13, 2005 12:09 pm

Honorable Mention #1) Iran Works To Acquire Nuclear Weapons: A story that didn’t get that much attention in 2005 could lead to a war in the Middle-East in 2006.

Honorable Mention #2) Bush’s Social Security Reform: …Wait for it, wait for it, goes nowhere.

Honorable Mention #3) The Political Battle Over Iraq Continues: The Democratic position has gone from, “We’re reluctantly willing to go along,” to, “Are we there yet?” to, “Let’s turn around and go home.”

10) Syria Withdraws From Lebanon: They say the neocons love it when a plan comes together.

9) London Subway Bombing: Al-Qaeda strikes back, but the Brits don’t drop to their knees like the Spaniards.

8) Bush’s Poll Numbers Tank: Bush’s poll numbers fell like a paralyzed swallow but have started slowly rising again like a Koala Bear tangled in a hot air balloon.

7) Newsweek’s Koran Down the Toilet Story: Newsweek lied (or at least got it wrong) and people died.

6) The January Iraqi Elections: The Iraqis give the finger to the terrorists — a purple finger.

5) Cindy Sheehan: No one in recent memory has been quite so adept at exploiting the death of her child for profit and attention as “Mother” Sheehan.

4) The Harriet Miers nomination: An unruly mob of conservative bloggers, columnists, and talk show hosts got into a fight with the White House over a SCOTUS nominee. The White House lost.

3) Scooter Libby is indicted: Fitzmas came early for the Democrats, but all they got was socks as Rove escaped the noose.

2) Terri Schiavo: If she’d had the same sort of legal protections Tookie Williams did, she’d be alive today.

1) Hurricane Katrina: Huge hurricane hits below sea level city. Bush to blame.

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