The 10 Most Inspirational Movies Ever Made

by John Hawkins | November 21, 2005 12:27 am

Via Betsy’s Page[1] and A Constrained Vision[2], I learned that AFI is doing a show on the most inspirational movies ever made. Here’s the description of what they’re looking for:

“Movies that inspire with characters of vision and conviction who face adversity and often make a personal sacrifice for the greater good. Whether these movies end happily or not, they are ultimately triumphant–both filling audiences with hope and empowering them with the spirit of human potential.”

Here’s my personal list plus The Passion of The Christ, which deserves to be on there, even if it’s very difficult to rate it against other movies.

10) Starship Troopers
9) Independence Day
8) Gladiator
7) Segeant York
6) Spider-Man 2
5) Saving Private Ryan
4) Spider-Man
3) Rocky
2) The Patriot
1) Braveheart

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