The 10 Most Memorable Political Campaign Videos Of 2007

10) digitalfuntown: Ron Paul Rap (YouTube views: 23,159)

This may be the single most unintentionally funny political video of all-time.

9) Tom Tancredo: Tancredo on Senate Immigration Proposal (YouTube views: 5,532)

This video didn’t get the attention that the others did, but this one stuck with me because it’s such a brilliant use of web video. It’s Tancredo, driving his car, just riffing on illegal immigration. He sounds sincere, the message is good, and he comes across really well.

8) Stranahan: Mike Huckabee’s Message to Iowa (YouTube Views: 211,250)

This may be the funniest, most brutal attack ad you have never seen. It takes aim at Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani, and McCain and it hits the mark.

7) Fred Thompson: Fred’s Message to Iowa Voters (152,122)

17 minutes is just too long for a YouTube video, but Fred made it work somehow. Getting his final message out to that many people right before the first primary is a big deal.

6) Mike Huckabee: What Really Matters (YouTube views: 1,159,226)

This was another ad I was rather skeptical about initially that ended up being a really smart move. What initially appeared to be a non-political ad wishing people a Merry Christmas ended up creating a massive controversy because it had a bookshelf in the back that looked like a cross. The controversy kept people looking at it, but what most non-political junkies probably saw was a warm, personable Mike Huckabee sounding surprisingly reasonable.

5) Mike Gravel: Rock (YouTube views: 396,772)

This is simply the most bizarre ad I have ever seen. Gravel stands there looking at the camera forever, then throws a rock in the water and walks off.

4) ParkRidge47: Vote Different (YouTube views: 4,201,230)

Originally, I wasn’t that impressed with this take-off on an old Mac ad that didn’t seem to say much, but it resonated and got an enormous amount of attention because of the way it portrayed Hillary, as Peggy Noonan might say, as the “avatar of the machine.”

3) barelypolitical: “I Got a Crush…On Obama” By Obama Girl (YouTube views: 4,765,925)

This video, which features an unbelievably hot model and a catchy song, caught on, inspired lots of imitators, and helped juice Obama’s grassroots surge.

2) Fred Thompson: Fred Thompson responds to Michael Moore (YouTube views: 18,836)

This ended up getting more than a million views across the web and it was truly magnificent. Fred Thompson, sounding funny and sharp witted, slicing Michael Moore to pieces over Cuba. This video helped super charge the early grassroots support for Fred.

1) Mike Huckabee: HuckChuckFacts (YouTube views: 1,294,418)

Bizarrely, the Chuck Norris endorsement really did help super charge Mike Huckabee’s campaign and this commercial, which is funny, well done, and admirably out of the box, played a part in it. On the other hand, in another strange twist, Norris went on to sue the guy who published some of the very Chuck Norris facts used in that commercial.

Bonus: This isn’t a campaign video, but it’s a very memorable political video nonetheless for obvious reasons…

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