The 12 Best Martial Arts Movies Of All-Time

by John Hawkins | February 8, 2007 11:47 am

Honorable Mentions: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Fearless,” “The Street Fighter.”

12) Enter the Dragon: When it came out, it was revolutionary. Now, not so much. But, it’s still good.

11) Iron Monkey: The martial arts version of Robin Hood.

10) Rumble In The Bronx: Cheesy, yet creative. The movie that made Jackie Chan in the states.

9) Blood Sport: This martial arts tournament movie was Jean Claude Van Damme’s best film.

8) Kill Bill: Tarantino made Uma Thurman look like a martial arts superstar. He’s that good.

7) Master of the Flying Guillotine: The blind master of the flying guillotine vs. the one armed boxer.

6) Marked for Death: Steven Seagal’s best film in which he demolishes an entire Jamaican drug gang that goes after his family.

5) The One: Jet Li vs. Jet Li in a CGI enhanced slugfest.

4) Ong Bak: Tony Jaa elbows and knees his way through a gang for a Buddha head stolen from his village.

3) Legend of Drunken Master: Jackie Chan’s finest work was done on this exotic martial arts effort.

2) The Protector: Incredible fight sequence after incredible fight sequence. After one scene, Jaa must leave 50 bodies behind on the ground.

1) Fist of Legend: A remake of Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection that’s much better than the original.

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