The 4th Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2006

Honorable Mention — raccoon: “If Spanish became the dominant language in the US, so what? Spanish has the advantage over English in that it’s spelled phonetically. I believe in 30 years, Spanish will be the de facto dominant language in many states. In some, it probably is already.”

Honorable Mention — Sinti: “I’ve always felt (right wing Evangelicals) needed deprogramming. They need help to get out of their self-made hell. Appeasement, however, turns us into them – f*ck that. Don’t change the party to please them, that would be insane. The deprogrammer needs to be really subtle in the beginning, and it takes a lot of patience – most folks wouldn’t have the stomach for it, they’d rather just smack ’em up and hope that straightens them out.”

10) mikelewis: Is America even worth saving? The world economy is struggling back on its feet after a century of war both hot and cold and we are now drowning in debt. Our products are too expensive for world consumption and our people are too ignorant and divided to lead in the new world economy. The only thing we really have left to protect our place in the world is the reliance on the dollar and an indestructible army, both of which are becoming less reliable and less indestructible everyday.

Our Constitution is not only openly ignored by our own President but it has been usurped by millions of sub-laws and statutes. The average American person probably violates at least 1 law a day and We hardly have to leave our homes to do so. Our sense of morality is so twisted that even our spiritual leaders are nothing more than two-bit con-men.

Our addiction to oil has turned us into junkies. Our addiction to television has turned us into zombies. Our addiction to fear has turned us into slaves. So is America even worth saving? Wouldn’t it be better to let her die than to continue to be some grotesque malignancy on the world? Is it even realistic to believe we can fix a country so broken and depraved?

9) Odin2005: It’s things like this that make me support population control. Theocons have no respect to the enviroment, Gawd told them to multiply like rabbits and that protecting the enviroment isn’t needed because they think Jebus is gonna come down a rapture them. These people are dangerous and should not be allowed to have more kids then secular people do.

8) in_cog_ni_to: Has this ever happened to you? The Star Spangled Banner use to bring tears to my eyes. I would always choke up with pride when I heard the anthem. (before I learned how bad this freakin’ country is) and last night at my son’s wrestling meet, the school we were at played the Star Spangled Banner (that’s never happened at any other meet) and I found myself…..ANGRY BEYOND BELIEF! I WAS P*SSED THAT THEY PLAYED IT. P*SSED THAT I HAD TO LISTEN TO IT AND P*SSED THAT THE SHEEPLE STOOD THERE WITH THEIR HANDS ON THEIR HEARTS as if this country is something to be proud of. I was SHOCKED by my gut reaction. I was FURIOUS. It was so unexpected. Have any of you ever experienced that? It’s been YEARS since I’ve been at any event where the SSB was played and my reaction was so visceral. I-was-angry.

7) neebob: Proud, schmoud. That attitude is what got us where we are today. It’s one thing to have a sense of community, but that’s not what proud to be an American is.

Proud to be an American is an unquestioning mindset that grew up pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth and bought into all the false history that was written to justify aggression, theft, and slavery.

Proud to be an American is into mythology, too, and likes to imagine that America is more than a patch of ground and it’s more than an accident to have been born on it.

Proud to be an American is too busy making money and buying stuff to really notice the vast machine above its head or think very hard about how that machine affects other citizens of the world and even lots of other citizens of America. Proud to be an American looks at someone who manages to rise to the top of the machine and assumes that person has admirable qualities and good intentions.

Proud to be an American is emotional and irrational. It fails to see things as they really are and is far too slow to recognize crimes and criminals. It’s beyond time to stop thinking that way.

6) MADem: I am permanently sickened by GOD BLESS AMERICA, myself. I used to like it, the odd time I would hear it, in Kate Smith style. Now, it makes me physically ill, frankly.

5) chimpymustgo: It’s not just the last 50 years – America has been f*cked up since Day 1. Sure, it was founded on some lofty principles and noble ideas, but we had to MURDER the indigenous people here so set up our little “democratic republic”, then we built it on the backs of ENSLAVED human beings.

The 20th Century began our terrorization of the rest of the world. And here at home, the elites have the money, the power, the VOTING MACHINES. The Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the Media, the new Patriot Act.

What is left to save? And just exactly how do you do it?

4) Rene: “How’s this conspiracy for you all…..(the death of retired New York Times journalist David E. Rosenbaum) was just a warning to others in the media…….much like the anthrax death of the National Enquirer photo journalist who’d just published bush twin photos…..and the anthrax sent to others in journalism.”

3) bryant69: Hmmmmmm

Finally it’s all coming together. Clearly it was Bush who tried to have Reagen wiped out. Given how evil Bush and his family is, it’s really the only logical explanation.

For those of you who doubt this theory ask yourself the following questions.

1. Who would benefit if President Reagan had died?

2. Given their total lack of regard for human life, why would the BFEE refrain from rubbing out Ronnie?

3. Can you prove that Bush didn’t have a hand in the Reagan assassination attempt?…

2) Brian Stevens: Thats the problem. There are peolple that post here talk a good game. But to do it, is another story. We have and are being looked at as cowards because of this. If civil war must start, which is TOTALLY INEVITABLE, the first shot must come from us.

1) (This one, because of the number of pictures, had to be edited down just a bit. But, it may be the single stupidest post in the history of the internet.)

spooked911: I set up the following experiment using steel rabbit fencing as the steel structure supporting a heavy cement block. …Then I damaged the “columns” by cutting them with wire cutters. …Just inside where the gash was made in the outer wall, I placed a cup of kerosene (jet fuel), and there was newspaper around the bottom on the structure. Then I put a heavy cement block on top, weighing about 15 pounds. I don’t think the wire structure would hold more than three of these blocks, so the “safety factor” was not particularly high. …Then I tipped over the cup and lit the kerosene. …Then fire burned for about twenty minutes, and toward the end, I put my foot on the structure to see if it would extra weight. It still did. …The structure held up fine after the fire died. …After the fire was hot, the “columns” were not hot at all.

In a second experiment, I used the same wire fence and block set up, but increased the amount of “airplane damage”, added in newspaper all around the inside of the structure, and soaked everything thoroughly with kerosene. In this expt, the fire was more intense and lasted significantly longer, but… the structure held up just fine. (Sorry no pictures of this one).

What I conclude is that a fairly flimsy steel structure does not distort and bend and collapse very easily from a simple hydrocarbon fire. And thus, it is not clear why the much stronger steel columns in the WTC towers weakened so much from fires that the towers underwent global collapse.

If kerosene/jet fuel/hydrocarbon fires can indeed cause steel structures to collapse, it should be quite simple to show this in an experiment– right?

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