The Basic Truth Behind The Scenes On The Budget (Updated!!)

Hopefully by the time you read this Congress will have reached a deal on the budget.

Despite the hyperbole coming from the likes of Harry Reid, the truth is this. The budget was supposed to be passed this past October. The Democrats were fully in charge. But they didn’t pass one because they didn’t want to before the election in case it might hurt them in the election. Which showed a complete lack of leadership.

This is why we find ourselves where we are. You might wonder also why they can’t compromise on such a small amount difference. It’s because the Republicans have a rider to defund Planned Parenthood. Pro choice women were in Washington yesterday holding signs that said, “Don’t take away my right to abortion.” This budget does no such thing. It only makes it clear that the taxpayer doesn’t pay for your abortion.

Planned Parenthood, the owner of almost all abortion clinics in this country, should not be funded by the government whatsoever. Especially when it’s CEO, the daughter of our late Governor, Ann Richards, Cecile Richards, is making over $400,000 a year, and the VP making over $300,000. BUT I also think this battle can be fought elsewhere. I appreciate the Republicans going to bat on this. No one wants Planned Parenthood defunded more than I do, but right now we need to pass a budget, and the Democrats are so beholden to the pro abortion crowd that they will never back down, even if it means a government shutdown and people are hurt. So the Republicans need to be the grownups here.

The Democrats are demonizing Paul Ryan’s plan as cutting poverty programs. This is what Democrats always do with any cuts. But this time the American people understand that this is necessary. We simply cannot afford to keep spending money.

Charles Krauthammer keys on the main problem:

The reforms of the poverty programs are meant to change an incentive structure that today perversely encourages states to inflate the number of dependents (because the states then get more “free” federal matching money) and also encourages individuals to stay on the dole. The 1996 welfare reform was similarly designed to reverse that entitlement’s powerful incentives to dependency. Ryan’s idea is to extend the same logic of rewarding work to the non-cash parts of the poverty program — from food stamps to public housing

In working with the poor I saw this over and over. I had a family once whose 17 year old daughter was pregnant. They were upset, but very supportive. The daughter was told by that if she wanted to the government would give her an apartment, food stamps, and free medical care. The daughter was estatic. She wanted to be on her own, like most 17 year olds. So, here was a family ready and willing to take on all the responibilty, including care, food, and shelter, but the daughter was convinced to move out on her own. Why would government employees do that? Because of the incentives that Krauthammer talked about above. It’s ridiculous.

It is with incentives like this, we trap people in generational poverty. It is past time that we stop it.

Read the rest of the items in Ryan’s bill that the Democrats are not being truthful about. Charles gives us the truth here.

Also, Jeff Sessions does a good job at debunking the Democrats talking points on this here.

Update: It is also very important to know that funding Planned Parenthood only funnels campaign funds to Democrat candidates. That is just wrong. See video below about how Planned Parenthood lies about it’s other “health” services.

Update 2: Exposing Planned Parenthood’s business model. The lies just keep coming. This is how they work the numbers.

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