The Choices We Make Follow Us

by Kathleen McKinley | January 20, 2012 10:19 am

If you haven’t heard, Newt Gingrich’s ex wife was interviewed last night where she said Newt had wanted an open marriage with her. We all knew Newt almost had as much of a sordid past as Bill Clinton, so this isn’t a big surprise. His past, both personal and professional is the reason I haven’t been able to support him. We love how he debates. He’s very intelligent, and he knows how to smack down the questioner if they are being their usual biased selves. As I have written before, what Newt is experiencing is the “residue” of sin. Newt claims to be converted, and is a different man than when he was young. For his soul’s sake, I hope that is true. God forgives us if we are sorry, for anything. There is nothing, as horrible as it may be, that you can do that God won’t forgive you for if you are truly remorseful. This is the beauty of His mercy. But this isn’t about religion or faith. This is about who we want for President. Newt is experiencing the consequences of his sin. Our past follows us. Our choices affect us long after we are forgiven by God.

Whether we admit it or not, we want our President to be a good man or woman. We want them to love their spouse, and be a good parent. It’s one of the few things I like about Obama. Almost all of our GOP candidates fit that bill, but Newt not only doesn’t fit that bill, his past is riddled with hypocrisy. Many people argue with me (as Democrats did with Clinton) that someone’s personal doesn’t matter. I just disagree. How a man treats his wife says a lot about him to me. I want a man (or woman) of integrity. Understanding and respecting the sacrament of marriage is a big part of that integrity. That doesn’t mean I want someone perfect. I know no one is perfect. I was a supporter of McCain, and he was divorced. But it was under circumstances people could all understand. The confusion and struggle of coming home from being a prisoner of war. But the fact that McCain’s ex wife had nothing but good things to say about him, and said that the divorce was both of their faults, made a difference to me. This isn’t about mistakes that many of us make, such as divorce. Newt had a pattern of treating his wives badly. It’s the pattern (as it was with Clinton) that spoke to me about integrity. I don’t think I am alone. Even Democrats will never elect John Edwards to anything ever again. You never hear them say it was just his personal life. Edwards even managed to cross a line in his personal life that made Democrats not want to have anything to do with him. Anthony Wiener did as well. So, even Democrats have a bar.

I understand those who say personal lives don’t matter though. I know this is politics, not church. But for me, it’s important.

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