The Daily Kos On William F. Buckley’s Death: “Tinplated Cryptonazi — Good Riddance”

by John Hawkins | February 28, 2008 8:00 am

Over at the Daily Kos, they’re handling William F. Buckley’s death with exactly the sort of class and decorum we’ve come to expect from the Left at times like this — you know, none whatsoever.

Here’s an excerpt from a post by Daily Kos diarist d2[1], called “Tinplated Cryptonazi — Good Riddance.”

Rather than waste thought or effort on his vile life, I’ve chosen to give the proper level of respect for this particular departed sod: I’ve scavenged wantonly a couple dozen remarks from elsewhere around the blogosphere:

…”We are richer for having lost him. (hat tip to The Simpsons’ Patti & Selma)”
…”rot in hell. You got there forty years too late.”
…”Loathesome, and now dead.”

…To invert an old Irish blessing, I hope the devil knew his time had come before his soul got out from behind that desk.

Nice, very nice.

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