The Daily Kos Poem Of The Day: The End To Capitalism

by John Hawkins | December 5, 2007 8:02 am

Over at the Daily Kos[1], diarist Famoso116lex[2] is railing against an evil even greater than George Bush: Capitalism!

In his own words,

“This poem is to re-enforce people that are from the middle class and poor class to fight capatilism. This poem is dedicated to the real patriots of America. The poem has been created to condition the mind into fighting exploitation. This poem encourages people of all walks of life to fight capatilism.”

“Capatilism?” What is that? Some sort of trendy Commie spelling of capitalsm?

In any case, the poem that follows could have been written by Leon Trotsky — well, if Trotsky were a 4th rate hack who sat around writing horrible poetry instead of planning how to convince dopes like Famoso116lex to buy into his evil, soul killing ideology.

Trapped in a machine that only nourishes the rich
Like a glitch in the system that hard to catch
And bombs that drop on kids with legs detached
Women, Children, and Men for Oil!
Is this the “Freedom” you bring to the New World?
Amerikkka Now Hides Behind A New Freedom
The one that gives you death instead of Life
Why Don’t you just get up and fight?
Stop Wasting your time in Protest and Strikes
The plight of the poor is at an increasing rate
Why don’t you allow yourself to be suicidal and late our economy crash?
Let the remains of bodies relapse into Freedom.
Revolution is The Death of the American Stock Market.
Let us join hands and resist temptations, and remove the need to buy from our sight and ears.
This Time we Will Win!
Sing a hymn towards the Federalist Building…
Sing Along,..
Stop, Buying Commodities….hymnnn
Stop, For a minute and call in sick…hymnnn
Stop, for a minute a break a government vehicles glass…hymnnnn
Stop, for a minute and graffiti the Walls of Revolution.AND stop the War…hymnnnn
Stop, for a minute and stop the Market…Hymnnnn!!!
Stop, for a minute and clog up the toilets… Hymnnn
Stop for a minute stop paying your Taxes…Hymnnn!!!
Stop. But Don’t stop for a Minute if the poor and middle class create a Revolution!

Down with “capatilism!” Viva la communism! Viva la Kos!

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