The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: Does Anyone Really Think That Bush Is Going To Give Up The Power Of The Presidency When His Term Is Over?

by John Hawkins | October 2, 2007 7:51 am

ProudBushBasher[1], a diarist — not commenter — the most influential and “mainstream” liberal blog in America, the Daily Kos…

“Does anyone really think that Bush is going to give up the power of the Presidency when his term is over? Do you THINK that Cheney is ever going to leave that office to someone else? Do you think that Cheney is going to leave a trail behind that someone else will be able to go through? Do you think these people want a new President and Vice President of another party to GO THROUGH the mess they have left over the past eight years?

Somehow they will accomplish stay in office. Just like Putin is doing. They will figure someway to stop the election. Karl Rove is out there now. Lurking through the society plotting some scheme to keep Bush in office.”

If you happened across an open diary in someone’s house and read paranoid bilge of this sort in it, you’d be seriously worried about the sanity of the person who had written it. Yet, it’s still apparently good enough to cut it on America’s most prominent political blog.

PS: Want to know why liberals feel so heavily pressured to go along with what they know are lies about the Right? In part, it’s because posts just like the one above have become so commonplace on the Left.

In other words, why are dozens and dozens of liberal reporters, pundits, and bloggers pretending to believe that they think Rush Limbaugh’s “phony soldiers” comment was in regard to anti-war soldiers as opposed to Jesse Macbeth, when almost all of them know better at this point?

Some of it has to do with the fact that liberals tend to think that conservatives are evil and they don’t have a problem with lying about “evil” people, but additionally, the Left has become so vitriolic, so paranoid, and so obnoxious that they have to make things up in an attempt to even the scales. In other words, because they know all too well how they sound to the average person, they have to accuse conservatives of being even worse.

For example, yes, the Left does despise George Bush and think he’s evil, but one of the reasons that they compare him to Hitler so often is that, on some level, they’re trying to come up with something that Joe Sixpack will find even more appalling than what he sees from the Left.

Yes, Joe American might look at liberals and conclude that they’re dangerously naive, unpatriotic, don’t like Christians, don’t like the troops, and don’t like America — but, at least they’re better than Nazis!

Or, yes, MoveOn tried to politically destroy a general for trying to win the war in Iraq and talking to Congress about it– but, see, see, Rush Limbaugh is just as bad because he attacked the troops, too! If there had been no controversy over MoveOn, the Left wouldn’t feel compelled to so transparently make up lies about Rush.

Plus, liberals are shallow and think like little children[2].

PS #2: Do people on the Right do the same thing? Yes, but to much lesser extent. That’s because we tend to be much more critical of each other and thus, the obnoxious righties and crazies exist, but they’re kept to a bare minimum as opposed to the swarms of them that exist on the left.

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