The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: Masturbate Like The Bonobos

The Daily Kos is the most influential blog on the left and it has advertisers like Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and Congressman Robert Wexler. In other words, this is as mainstream a blog as you’re ever going to find on the Left.

It’s worth noting that before you read these sexually explicit excerpts from a Daily Kos diarist named Eric Francis because I sincerely doubt that these weird grotesqueries will cost Kos a single advertiser, a single reader, or draw one iota of criticism from any other liberal blog,

What I Mean by Queer

…And here is one last: a lot, a lot, a lot of people are secretly bisexual or gay inside of heterosexual marriages.

…I have had nonmonogamous feelings since around the 2nd or 3rd grade (sometime around 8 years old). It was simple — I was in love with two girls. That was normal for me. I’m also bisexual, which came a bit later in life (late teens/early 20s). I’ve had some very, very good sex with men. My primary erotic, emotional and affectual orientation is women. Like a lot of people, I find most women easier to relate to emotionally, more empathic and receptive, and more open to my feelings than nearly all men. There is no substitute for sex with a man, so I have to live with this dichotomy, at least for now.

I am an unabashed c*nt worshipper. I often wonder what they smell and taste like, along with the psychic impression that comes with the pleasure of giving her that. This response is usually inspired by eye contact or the sight of someone’s face. F*cking women, especially the right woman, is gorgeous and necessary for me. But it is the experience of women from the perspective of being a man that makes me most grateful for being male.

…Our closest primate cousins, the bonobos, masturbate together for pleasure and communal expression of feelings, and many people have discovered this. It just has not been given a name. When you spend a lot of time exploring in this space, partnersex changes. It’s easier to recognize your partner for who he or she is; easier to feel compersion; easier to make the choices that are right for you, rather than what you think you’re supposed to do.

We live in a time when it’s considered dangerous to experiment. A faux conservatism has taken over, but I feel people getting sick of it: sick of not having options, tired of not being able to be themselves, angry about not feeling safe feeling what you feel, sick of living your life in cloaked fantasy or locked into virtual reality.

Give the Left two terms of Obama in the White House and they’ll probably be teaching this to kids starting in 2nd grade.

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