The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: “Uncle Tom” Obama

by John Hawkins | April 30, 2008 8:40 am

Uh-oh, it looks like Barack Obama has offended some of the liberals over at the Daily Kos for finally taking some reluctant, half-hearted shots at the anti-white, anti-American, conspiracy nut he has used as a “sounding board” and a spiritual mentor.

Here’s Daily Kos diarist Kaos237[1] playing the “race traitor” card on Obama,

I have been a huge supporter of Barack. He is the guy I’ve been behind for quite awhile now. Check my older diaries if you wonder about that. And while I’ve been steeling myself for a Barack loss in November, because I think the Repug machine is too good for him to beat, I had resigned myself to still working hard for him and for the Progressive cause!

But today something changed for me…

Today, the scales fell from my eyes and I saw Barack Obama for what he truly is: a weak man and a standard politician. I really never thought I would say this…

But I am disgusted with him!

…I just watched Barack throw someone who has been a huge part of his life overboard because a bunch of white-bread advisors told him he had to.

And why? Because white America was freaked out by a black preacher!

…Unfortunately, Barack has decided that he doesn’t need black votes to win. I’m sure he was told by his white advisors that “black folk” will support him anyway. So why not come out and disrespect the whole community. Barack didn’t transcend black-white politics; rather he chose to become white!

All because some white folks on CNN were appalled that Rev Wright didn’t shuffle in and say “yes massa”.

…I’ve been saying for awhile that I thought Barack would likely lose in November. Now I am wondering if I don’t HOPE he loses!

If you want to know why Obama still has yet to “disown” Wright, at least in part, it probably has something to do with the fact that there are significant numbers of liberals who see putting distance between yourself and a guy accusing the government of creating the AIDs virus to kill black Americans as saying “yes, massa” to whitey.

Who’d have thunk it?

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs[2] for the story.

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