The Daily Kos: Shut Down The Government!

by John Hawkins | September 22, 2006 12:47 pm

Over at the Daily Kos, in a recommended diary, Bob Johnson suggests that Democrats, “Walk Out Of The Capitol[1].”

“It’s time to shut down the government.


The gutting of habeus corpus.

And now this.

An attack on Iran.

These people are lunatics. Insane, fascist, psychotic, psychopathic, sociopathic lunatics.

Our Democratic leaders must throw political calculation ito the wind. The future of our Republic is at stake. We must shut down the government.

…This madness must be stopped.

And to my fellow community members: Will you stand up and be counted? Can we protest in massive numbers? Can we shut down the Capitol and our major metros? Can we say to these lunatics, “Enough is enough?”

It’s time. Shut it all down and make them do what they must do if they want to proceed: Overturn democracy.

At least we’ll know where we stand.”

Yeah! Yeah! That’ll show the Republicans and…hold on a second. The Democrats will walk out of Congress, they’ll, “shut down the Capitol and our major metros,” and, uh, what happens then?

It’s like a business plan made by the Underpants Gnomes in South Park:

Step 1: We shut down the government!

Step 2: ?????????????

Step 3: The Republicans have to, “Overturn democracy,” or…what exactly?

All I can say is, if you wackos are out in the streets protesting, make sure to bring lots of giant puppet heads and wacky signs. After all, that’s what made all your previous protest marches into such big successes…oh, wait…none of them actually accomplished anything, did they?

PS: What does it say about the Daily Kos, the most popular liberal blog on the planet, if this sort of drivel is actually a recommended diary?

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