The Daily Kos Theory Of The Day: Bush Let North Korea Get Nukes… On Purpose, People.

by John Hawkins | October 11, 2006 5:25 am

Daily Kos diarist Kosmo[1] takes on old lefty meme from the run-up to the war in Iraq, “We’re going to war to help make Haliburton rich,” dusts it off, gives it a new coat of paint, and tries to apply it to North Korea:

“I heard it on Al Franken this morning and it’s frickin obvious.

And the only conclusion here, and the only thing people really need be talking about (while they’re taking a break from talking about Foleygate) is that Bush let North Korea get nukes in order to start an arms race in Asia. He did it so American weapons manufacturers will make money, like we do with Israel.

We need to start talking straight, people. We need to start being up front about what this is all about. We can’t wait until Bush walks up and blows our brains out to call this what it is.”

Bush deliberately allowed North Korea to get nukes? During the Clinton Administration? Was a time machine involved in this maneuver?

Also, setting aside the obvious timeline problems here, isn’t this a bit of a flawed strategy? Letting America’s worst enemies have nuclear weapons in hopes of starting an arms races that will make more money for American companies? Gee, money is great, but it’s hard to spend it when the city you live in has been turned into a radioactive pile of rubble and melted glass.

PS #1: This post just goes to show you the mindset so many liberals have. Not only do they believe that Bush and the Republican Party are evil and capable of anything, their first tendency is simply to assume that if something bad happens, there are Republicans in the background making it happen.

PS #2: It must be comforting for Kos to know that when he quits political blogging next year[2] to build sports blogs and megachurches without God for liberals, that the website he built from scratch into the biggest political blog in the world will be in the hands of diarists like Kosmo.

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