The Daily Kos Threads Of The Day: Welcome To The Start Of The Bloodbath!

by John Hawkins | March 5, 2008 8:00 am

After Hill’s wins last night, the reality that this race could go all the way to the convention is starting to set in and the resulting anger and angst on the Left over that fact is just DELICIOUS! Read these excerpts, each from a different Daily Kos diarist, and enjoy the foot stamping and infighting…

“I would have willingly supported any Democratic nomineee, hoping to put an end to the Republican dominance of government. No longer. Barack Obama has won the primary. Hillary is all but dead. But if the Clinton’s, and Mark Penn, and Terry McAlliff think they are going to steal this nomination from the voters in the Democratic Party, they are in for an unpleasant surprise.

I will work unrelentingly to deny Hillary Clinton the White House because she has shown a complete lack of respect for the Party, the voters, and the process of democracy, itself.

I have just joined the ranks of Clinton haters.” — Granny Doc[1]

“I grieve for my country.

Yes, it is About Race. Over 20% of white voters in Ohio (MSNBC –… say that race was an important factor in voting and they went 3-to-1 for Clinton. That’s the margin of difference. This has been a consistent result in exit polling for the last dozen contests (MSNBC, CNN, Pew). Pew Research found that 25% of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain over Obama (Meanwhile, only 10% of Obama voters will vote for McCain). Now what else could that possibly mean than it is not about policy or qualifications for these people, it is about race plain and simple.

…But what grieves me the most though is that if Clinton wins the nomination it will set back the Democratic Party and the United States for decades. …If Clinton is going to campaign as just another Bush, then why should they be motivated to turn out if the choice is Hillary Bush versus John McBush? President McBush Here We Come.” — DJ ProFusion[2]

“Barack Obama must run as a fourth party candidate in November if somehow he is denied the Democratic nomination. Barack can win as a fourth party because I believe his support (about 40%+ of the nation) is rock-ribbed (whatever that means), while the remaining vote will be split among Hillary, McCain and Nader.” — fightorleave[3]

“Ohio voters illustrate one of the fundamental flaws of our democracy: Vital decisions are left to the Fat, Dumb and Happy Bread & Circuses Booboise – which is of course a necessary paradox.

So as long as you can afford to swing by the Mickey D drive-thru with your passel of overweight rugrats in your new Dodge Caravan in time to get home to watch Jerry Springer on your flat screen TV- all’s right with the world.” — danwalter[4]

“I’m sure this is going to sound crazy, and, well, it probably is crazy, but I think the best thing Barack Obama could do right now is make a deal with Hillary to suspend his campaign in exchange for the VP slot on the ticket. Let me explain.

..,What’s more we have to remember a delicate fact about Obama’s wins: These are democratic primaries. The white people voting in these primaries are, umm, well, how shall we say, they’re more likely to transcend race than the population at-large. These are the most progressive white Americans in the country, and they’ve demonstrated that among those over age 60, a key demographic, Obama can’t win. Things will only get worse on this regard in the general election as you have more Republicans and Independents involved.

As an Obama-supporter but a Democrat who wants to win, I find myself reflecting on this and realizing he’s not electable enough. Not yet anyway” — Simong[5]

“So although we lost Mike Huckabee yesterday (Sniff. Sniff. Wasn’t he fun?), we gained his equivalent within the Democratic party, Huckary Clinton, if you will. Her continuation in the race now, though it it mathematically almost impossible for her to win the nomination, serves only to lessen the chances of a Democrat winning in November, as she waits for, and actively encourages, some slip-up by Obama that will throw things her way.” — Travis Stark[6]

“Every time I think of Obama saying his voters won’t support Hillary or see the quote of his wife hesitating about supporting Hillary if she wins. F*CK you you poor S*B if you had had just an ounce more personal class or kept your f*cking word about not running in your first term like Hillary I could have loved you just like I loved Bill. I was close Obama I could have got excited about you if you had kept a lid on these Dkos guys or at least signaled that you had more loyalty to the D-party than to your indi fans =(

…And finally f*ck me this was fun. I feel a LOT better. My advice to you Obama folk is that NOW is the time to get right with winning AND losing. There may be some Anti-Obama folk in the Hillary camp but mostly we are Anti Obamanation because you are such TOTAL *ssholes. If you realized that you actually love the democratic party, my democratic party the one that has voted at least 50% for Hillary so far then there really is a good chance we can be friends come the general regardless of candidate. But if you keep on acting like you actually HATE the democratic party you will find that we will hate you back and make your precious lose in the general if not in the convention. Be smart insist on Hillary as VP. I would insist on Obama as Hillary’s VP and I f*cking hate you guys.” — sonofdonkeykong[7]

“If Hillary Clinton is able to miraculously steal this nomination from Obama with more vile and contemptuous negative ads, I can guarantee you that she will NEVER win the general election.

She has fractured this party so much, that I can promise you a very good portion of Obama voters will never pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.

…Has she bothered to ask herself what would happen if she did win in this manner?

Has she even bothered to realize that she is alienating a good 50% of the democratic party, some permanently and forever?

Two weeks ago, Hillary was my happy fall-back candidate.

No longer.

For what she has done to Obama already, I would rather vote for anybody than let her win in this manner. ” — The Bulldog Manifesto[8]

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