The Daily Kos Vs. Military Recruiters

by John Hawkins | April 8, 2008 9:00 am

If you ever needed more proof that “supporting the troops” doesn’t mean the same thing to the Left and the Right in this country then, well, honestly you haven’t been paying much attention. But, no worries, this post from Daily Kos diarist acquittal[1] should give you an idea of the sort of esteem that libs hold the military, and for that matter, our country in,

How to defeat military recruiters: overwhelm them with decoys!

I truly believe that antiwar activists should focus our energies on military recruitment. The empire will modify its militarism only if is does not have sufficient bodies and minds to run all its ongoing and contemplated wars.

….The best way to accomplish this is to overwhelm the recruitment system with decoy targets. Antiwar persons, especially youth, should contact their local recruiter and express interest in learning about the career opportunities that exist for them in the US military. They can schedule appointments, attend meetings, take tests, ask questions, whatever. The whole point would be to waste the recruiters’ time and energy. An hour spent recruiting somebody who isn’t intersted is an hour not spent recruiting somebody who is interested.

…I do not assert that military recruiters are the worst people on earth or anywhere near as bad as Bush, his cabinet, or the CEO of Halliburton, only that recruiting is where the military-corporate establishment is most vulnerable, the Achilles heel of the evil system, the place where we should strike.

That’s pretty supportive of the troops, isn’t it? Trying to waste hours of their time — and, it’s great to know that military recruiters aren’t “the worst people on earth.” They’re just way up there on the scale, I suppose.

Also, we’re an “empire” and an “evil system” — that’s really nice. Keep talking like that, buddy, and you might end up in a Barack Obama administration someday. Maybe they can put this guy in charge of recruiting for the military and disposing of flag pins…

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