The Debut Of Right Wing News Radio

by rwnadmin | September 2, 2008 8:45 am

Tonight, at 8 PM EST, I’ll be doing my first show with BlogTalkRadio. It’ll last 30 minutes and I’ll be talking about the campaign, Sarah Palin, and the convention. Initially, my guest was supposed to be Mary Katharine Ham, but unfortunately, she had a legitimate issue that will keep her from making the show tonight. So instead, I reached out to RWN’s own Dr. Melissa Clouthier, who also blogs at her own blog[1], Lorie Byrd, a columnist for Townhall[2] who also blogs at Wizbang[3], and Ericka Anderson from Bill Bennett ‘s Culture11[4].

It should be a fast moving, hard hitting show and you can click on the link below to listen.

Listen to John Hawkins on internet talk radio[5]

If you miss the show, you can always go back in and catch it later.

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