The Democratic Rant Of The Day: Why Are We White People So Angry?

by John Hawkins | April 10, 2007 12:02 pm

I found this rant at the Democratic Underground[1] so mesmerizingly irritating and thoughtless that I decided to post the whole thing for your amusement (Yes, it’s really that good). Enjoy!

bluedawg12: Why are we white people so angry?

Why are we white people so angry?

For pete’s sake we need intensive daily psychotherapy.

Was gammy’s trust fund too small?

You didn’t get into the Ivy League school of your first choice?

Bob is a still a junior VP at the brokerage firm?

Mom had to cut the trip to the Hamptoms short because she made managing partner at the law firm and she is simply buried under work, dahling?

Dan’s Beemer is the wrong shade of blue? drat! Double drat!

Passed over for skull and bones, again? So sad.

The strap on your Blahniks broke? Your Vuitton has a broken zippr, ah my dear, you are suffering like a saint.

Is it so hard being the ruling class and race in the greatest and wealthiest nation on the planet, finding a good nanny is such a drudge and the town house is positively too small, we need a week-end home on the lake.

We white people have so much suffering, by way of our degraded class, and disrespected status, no one of the plebs remember how to treat their betters.

Seriously, where do the mAnn KKKultures, and Don I-mess’s and Fat Limpbags get off with their venom and hate? How have they earned the same right for venom and anger and anarchy as say an oppressed Russian peasant under the czar?

Michael Screaming meemie- sauvage-ugly little hairy scrotum faced troll of a man, the sad bag of regularly scheduled verbal flatus and anal wisdom where does this privileged prick get off with his rants?

Michelle Malkill- what makes that ego driven, mirror loving, tonsil voiced munchkin so angry?

What is up with all these angry white people? And now recovering, watery eyed, cries on a dime, Glenn Beck also entering the fray?

Where did the left go wrong?

Did progressives ask too much?

Civil rights?
Women’s rights?
Animal rights
PC speech
Gay rights

Did our progressive attempt at a decade of “LOVE” and “Unity” put them over the edge.

What makes these @ss holes so f##kng self righteous?

Is it their wounds from life’s battles?

Show me your wounds you sons and daughters of privilege or otherwise turn in your mikes and high profile well paid jobs and just shut up and fade away.

Honsetly does anyone know? Do the angry white folk even know?

Yes, white people are all part of the, “ruling class and race” of America and as such, everything is just handed to them in life on a silver platter. Oh, and only white conservatives like, ehr — Michelle Malkin (?) get angry about things, apparently while Al Gore, Howard Dean, and Keith Olbermann are…what..quiet, polite models of decorum?

PS: If Rush Limbaugh or as the DU’er calls him, Fat Limpbags, is supposed to be angry, then pretty much everybody on the left short of Kristin Powers qualifies as full blown rage-a-holics. In fact, if you hear someone suggesting that Limbaugh is angry all the time, it’s a pretty good indication that he’s never listened to his show.

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