The Democratic Underground Poll Of The Day: Is Petraeus A War Criminal?

by John Hawkins | September 12, 2007 11:30 am

Here’s a thread that’s currently up at the Democratic Underground Forums,

Poll question: Gen. David Petraeus is a war criminal[1]“

Here’s how it’s breaking down so far,

Given the sorry state of modern liberalism, should we be heartened or discouraged that only 9 out of 20 liberals think the brilliant general who is fighting Al-Qaeda and trying to help Iraq stay a free nation is a war criminal who should presumably be hung or thrown in jail for his crimes?

I’m leaning towards discouraged, especially after reading some of the comments,

madokie: beTreyUS wants to continue to kill innocent Iraqi’s after all aren’t they, the Iraqi all innocent, didn’t we invade and aren’t we occupiers, doesn’t bushco* want Iraqi natural resources and is willing to keep killing them until he gets it??????? anyways have a great day

sfexpat2000: Petraeus lied to help Bush start the war. He is complicit. n/t

cgrindley: Knowingly prosecuting an illegal war = war criminal the first thing the next president should do is to sign the international courts agreement and then pack the lot of these current assholes off to the Hague to face justice for what they have done.

Junkdrawer: The differences between reported deaths and independently measured deaths are so great that it’s clear that a hidden massacre (genocide??) is going on.





BushOut06: “He is just following orders” – where have we heard that before?

Hmmmm – seems I recall hearing that defense at the NUREMBURG WAR CRIMES TRIALS. Sorry, but just saying that you were “following orders” doesn’t cut it.

mdmc: All war is crime.

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