The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: America Is A Terrorist Nation

by John Hawkins | September 25, 2007 11:31 am

Over at the Democratic Underground, someone called “Zandor” wrote a sensible post called, “Can We Stop Calling America a Terrorist Nation?[1]”

Here’s a little sample,

“I’ve seen this numerous times in my relatively short stay.

This rhetoric is disturbing and completely outside accepted political discourse in either party. No Democratic party candidate for President would go near this. I can’t recall any Democrat of any substance engage in this slander.

It borders on what should be, in my opinion, a bannable offense.”

Note that he mentions his, “relatively short stay.” Perhaps that explains his naivete about the people he’s sharing a forum with. If he doesn’t despise America, he’s in the wrong forum…but, no worries.

After the responses the poor guy got in the thread that overwhelmingly disagreed with his sentiments, he probably doesn’t have many illusions left about his new pals at the DU. Here are a few examples…

leftchick: I find it disturbing that the Actions of the US are not called terrorism!

sendero: God you are a simpleton… why do you think the “terrorists” have no grand plan. In their minds, their acts are as purposeful as our invasion of Iraq or our support of central American death squads.

Wrapping killing in a flag and claiming good intentions doesn’t mean jack sh*t to god

malaise: I’m really hoping that this is a troll.

emperor72: You are deluded.

The US is the only nation to ever be condemned by the world court for international terrorism. It happened. Really.

Luckily, when the resolution came before the UN security council, we were able to veto it. Get that. We were able to veto a resolution condemning ourselves. Ain’t imperialism grand?

But of course that was ancient history, as in the 1980’s.

How about a more recent atrocity?

The Iraq war has led to the deaths of more than 500,000 IRaqi civilians. That may not be terrorism.

It is actually genocide.

Wake up.

gatorboy: Maybe you should find a place you’d fancy more. I suggest Townhall. Though I have a hunch I’m too late on my suggestion

glowing: I would call the illegal occupation of Iraq a terrorist act… I would call

Gitmo an act of terrorism… I would call George Bush a terrorist to other nations around the world.

subsuelo: well we didn’t mean to kill. Afghan and Iraqi civilians — we meant to control their natural resources, and they just got in the way

Katherine Brengle: No. If America stops being the world’s biggest f*cking bully, then maybe.

Our government sanctions the killing of a lot more people in any given year than any terrorist organization.

And that’s not even about “renegade troops” – it’s about our foreign policy, which is beyond f*cked up.

burythehatchet: how bout The Mother Of All Terrorist Nations – load up on duct tape now, y’heah?

Oregonian: What else would you call a country that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands for corporate gain?

Call it terrorism, call it mass murder — untold thousands upon thousands of Iraqis are still maimed and dead because the U.S. government illegally invaded their country to boost the profits of their corporate cronies.

Ani Yun Wiya: Depending on your definition of terrorism.

You may be denying the entire history of this country.

From genocide of the original population, to slavery, to misadventures all over the planet.

Directly or by proxy.

ThomCat: America has been the world’s biggest sponsor of terror and terrorism for over 100 years. Where the hell have you been?

I hope you don’t still believe the white-washed fairy tales they taught you in school.

Like gatorboy said, if you want to read websites that don’t hate America, read conservative websites like Townhall. If you want to read material from people who think like the commenters above, read liberal websites like the Democratic Underground or the Daily Kos.

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