The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Dictator Bush & The VRWC

by John Hawkins | June 29, 2006 12:01 pm

From the Democratic Underground[1]:

Cyrano: If we lose this year’s elections, there may not be an election in 2008. Unless we can win either the house or senate this year, I don’t believe we will see a presidential election in 2008. For the past six years, the Bush/Cheney mob and their cohorts in congress have done whatever they wanted to do without any restraints on them.

Two questions: (1)Why would they give up power? (2)Who’s going to make them give it up?

These pigs have used power like a kid in a candy shop, they love it, and they can’t get enough of it. They can do what they want to, when they want to, and to whomever they want to do it to.

They’ve proved to us time and again that they have no moral boundaries in their use and abuse of that power. Gee, isn’t it great to invade any country you feel like invading? Snoop into anyone’s conversations and financial affairs? Being able to detain anyone at will for any reason that pops into your head? Hell, you can even disappear them to one of your undisclosed torture chambers. Want to kill them? No problem.

Enumerating a full list of their abuses of power is virtually impossible as they’ve been doing it one or more times a day, every single day, for five and a half years now. And those are just the ones we know about.

And let’s not forget the words that King George himself uttered. “If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, as long as I’m the dictator.” Anyone think the sociopath didn’t mean those words?

So who’s going to make them give up their power? The media? The courts? Don’t hold your breath. Can We The People force them to give it up? Aside from all the Audie Murphy types who have a cache of guns and other exotic weapons, I don’t think so. King George, Darth Cheney and their henchmen own the police, the military, the means to eavesdrop on us anywhere, anytime, and the ability to infiltrate any group that tries to organize an armed rebellion. Small groups could cause some damage, but doing away with our dictatorship would remain a fantasy.

Everyone who thinks the above scenario isn’t possible is fooling themselves. Canceling an election would be no problem for them. A MIHOP incident followed by a declaration of martial law and a “temporary” suspension of elections would be all that would be needed.

So how would they finally be removed from power? Well, the rest of the world might band together and try to overthrow them. But that would result in the launching of every nuclear weapon in our arsenal. The fundies would get their Armageddon.

The other possibility is a military coup. If this were to happen, it would be a tossup of whether the generals would retain power or reestablish the rule of law and what used to be our constitutional government.

So let’s hear why you think I’m wrong (or right).

Everyone reading this will probably write Cyrano off as a kook. However, I was at the last meeting of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and I have to tell you that he’s onto something.

That’s right, all you liberals. In 2008, George Bush is going to engineer a terrorist attack against an American city, preferably a very liberal one. Then, he will declare himself Dictator for Life to deal with the terrorists and all the treasonous people who dare to speak a word against W.

Interesting little detail here, that plan won by one vote. The other plan, put forth by Mark Steyn, was to ignore the Constitution and have Bush run for office again. Then he’d end up beating whoever the Democratic candidate is by 52%-48% in the popular vote and the final electoral count would be 306 to 232. We were planning to have all the states come out the same way as 2004, with slightly different margins, except Wisconsin and Minnesota which we would bring into into the Republican column.

You know, I’m kind of proud that I was the one who suggested, 5 years ago, that we put the secret mind control chips developed by the military in the heads of all the top people running the voting machine companies. I mean, it seems so obvious, right? But, no one had ever suggested it before.

Anyway, the dictator plan won out by one vote over the fraudulent election plan. Ann Coulter was the deciding vote and she thought it would be more fun to actually have Bush become a Dictator for Life and then ruthlessly mock all the liberals for thinking he was a Dictator. It would drive them crazy! Can you just imagine it?

Michael Moore: Bush has taken over the country. He’s a fascist dictator who runs America with an iron fist!

Bill O’Reilly: Now come on, Michael, you’ve been saying that sort of thing for years. Why should we believe you now?

Michael Moore: Because it’s true! He actually tells everyone he’s a Dictator for Life! There’s even a sign on the door of the Oval Office that says, “Dictator for Life, George Bush’s Strategery Room!”

Ann Coulter: It’s just more liberal lies, Bill.

Michael Moore: No, no, really…it’s true this time!

Bill O’Reilly: Come on, Michael, there’s no spin allowed on the Factor. You think we’re buying that? By the way, some of Bush’s goons are waiting to chat with you off stage for criticizing the Dictator for Life so I don’t think you’ll be able to make the next segment.

Michael Moore: You just called him a Dictator for Life!

Ann Coulter: See, Bill? These sort of Dictator for Life fantasies are why no one trusts the left.

Michael Moore: Is that guy holding a taser? What’s the billy club for?

Bill O’Reilly: We’ve got to go to break. We’ll be right back!

Admittedly, that would be more fun than just rigging another close election, but I’m still a fan of the subtle approach. On the other hand, I will be running one of the nicer prison camps. It’s on the coast, it has a big budget, and we’re even having Haliburton build a fairly large gladiator arena right on the beach. It should be a blast!

Until then, all you Bushbots out there just keep the faith!

(Shhhh…no one tell them I’m kidding. I’m hoping that this will make it onto Infowars[2], The Jeff Rense Program[3], or one of the other kook websites!)

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