The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The People Disrupting The Debate Were Rove Plants

Usually, after some catastrophic event occurs, you can head over to Democratic Underground and see kooks galore blaming it on Bush. If there’s a terrorist attack, it’s because Bush planned it or let it happen. If a Republican does something that’s undeniably good, like stopping to help injured boaters or motorists, it’s all a Karl Rove set-up. Did your girlfriend just dump you? It’s probably because Bush is seeing her on the side — in short, they blame Bush for EVERYTHING.

But even I didn’t think that there would be people at the DU who blamed Bush for the idiotic Lyndon Larouche supporters who were trying to yell over the candidates at the debate last night. But apparently, it must be a pretty hot topic since I ran across a post titled, “Why Rove/FOX didn’t plan the disruptors“. Of course, the guy who wrote the post comes off like a kook who just doesn’t believe that Rove planned the disruptions THIS TIME….

“Ok, the biggest arguement that the disruptions were plants is the “they all didn’t stand up at once, so Rove hired proffesionals”

Normally, this holds true, but not with those psycho larouchites. They know how to disrupt events like this…they start screaming 1 or 2 at a time, then when one of them is dragged out another starts up again…they think it makes people more likely to listen to their rantings

besides, the commentators only said, in passing, “we’re sorry about the disruption” and “some overzealous larouche supporters managed to sneak in”…had they planned this they woulda made a much bigger deal of it.”

So normally, if there are multiple people interrupting a debate, but not all at once of course, it’s because they were hired by Republicans? O…K…but most of the DU, to their credit, doesn’t buy into the idea that Karl Rove actually hired people to disrupt the debate. That’s actually quite understandable given that the only evidence apparently being offered is that the people making the assertion hate Karl Rove. But naturally, there were a few DUers who do think this whole cockeyed “theory” sounds credible…

Doug Decker: Do you have evidence that the disrupters worked for or supported LaRouche? How do you know that? Do you have any evidence for that or is that just your opinion?

It wouldn’t have been very smart for Rove to have them yell out “Bush is God”, would it?

TheYellowDog: I agree. I personally believe that Rove/Fox planted them, and that they weret told to say LaRouche slogans, because of course they can’t say Bush for president or Bush for god, like doug said above.

oasis: Who wins when Democrats are discredited in front of a Fox audience?

Chimpy has $200 million to spend. Rove could easily hire operatives to study LaRouche tactics, show up and the debate, and carry out a plan.

Of course, maybe these people I’m quoting here are really dupes paid by Karl Rove to post on DU and make Democrats look bad. Then I guess you could say that it’s theoretically possible that there is no such person as “John Hawkins,” and that Karl Rove actually runs RWN. Think about it, the Karl Rove plants on DU make their posts and then tell Karl to post about it on his front site, RWN which was specially developed using millions of dollars of Richard Mellon Scaife’s money. It all makes sense if you think about it…or more accurately, don’t think too hard about it…

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