The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Three Cheers For Castro!

It started out well enough. A DUer, to his credit, posted a thread called Castro loving is a problem. Hey, that’s worthy of a little applause isn’t it? I mean how many Democrats are willing to confront the wackos in their party who give them a bad name?

Of course, there were some more DUers who agreed with the original poster and added their support. But, by the time the thread was done, it had regrettably turned into a big ole Fidel Castro luuuuuuuv-fest! And of course, what’s for a leftie not to love about a Commie thug who hates America? =D, Ok, that was a little unfair since there were plenty of libs at the DU who came out against Castro, but just check out the comments from all of the diehard, Commie lovin’, libs who are still out there….

jjtss: “…I’ve been a Castro Fan since l956. He rescued his people from abject poverty, enforced prostitution, and various other crimes against humanity forced on them by Batista and his mafia friends. When every citizen has free medical care, and basic food provided then we can overlook his few deviations from democracy especially when all his efforts have been undermined by 50 years of sanctions and embargoes by the biggest military powers in the world. He cleaned up his country and kept it clean in spite of the High and Mighty. Under Batista, dissidents weren’t imprisioned, they simply disappeared.”

blurp: “Sometimes violence is necessary for a better society. Great point. Also, consider tax evaders in the USA. They have a duty to pay their taxes to help society.

If they don’t, what should we do? Ask nicely again?

No. We get police to toss them in jail.

Sometimes you have threaten violence against people to create a greater social good.

In way, what Castro does is nearly democratic, in the sense that he uses his power to insure the majority are helped even though a few individuals may be treated poorly.

Besides, if there were a vote, Castro would win anyway. So I don’t see how his actions against a small minority are anti-democratic.”

amber dog democrat: “Well I thnk he is better than Bush. If you look at the sum total of misery and destruction attributed to either man, the Chimp has more to answer for. Castro has done more good and less harm.”

Grey: “Would you rather live in the usa or CUBA, Trust me, I have lived in both and I will take Cuba first. you just have no idea of the good Castro has done for his people. If the usa had been given it’s will, it would be another Haiti or Dominican Republic.

That was the plan,back when the Mob controled Havana. and I speak as a person that was born in the usa and moved to Canada at age 17, You could not pay me enough to move back to the usa, They have to drag me, kicking and screaming across the border just for weddings and funerals. My cousin Jane was unable to pay for her heart medicine and died in a safeway parking lot because of your ‘wonderful health care’. In Cuba Health Care and University are FREE

Read the stats on doctors in Cuba, so many that they are able to loan out Doctors, Nurses and Teachers, referred to by the cia and fbi as cleverly disguised ‘agent provocatures’, to countries in South America.

You just have to wonder at these people, from Cuba, that have the time to sit on street corners and teach the Street Kids, that have to support their families, the art of adding and subtracting so they are not cheated by the north american tourist, out of a few pesos. And the class room is heart breaking, a few peices of chalk and a cement wall, or sidewalk.

Going into homes to teach pre-natel classes and child care to girls, to young to be parents,that know nothing else.

In Cuba no one goes homeless or starves, no one is fat,(well, almost on one) but they have a joy of living I wish I could convey to every one. The joy and sharing I experienced in Cuba was wonderful.

I just wish you could live there for a while and get to know the people, they are just so nice, not angels nor nearly perfect, but so nice. The music is pretty good too, and it’s everywhere.

Ok, down off my soap box, thanks for listening.”

Mika: “That a stark minority controls the policy against the will of the majority in the USA doesn’t bode well in an argument of democratic representation, re US/Cuba policy.

In Cuba things run differently. Democratically.

Cubans wanted universal health care for all Cubans, and they have it. They pushed for government that represented their ideals, and organized and formed infrastructure that enabled Cubans to do so. Cubans wanted universal education for all Cubans, and they have it. They pushed for government that represented their ideals, organized and formed infrastructure that enabled Cubans to do so, and they have it. Cubans want to assist the world’s poor with doctors and educators, instead of gun ship diplomacy.. and that is what they have done WITH their government, not at odds with their government.

No one can say with any credibility that universal education and universal health care is forced on Cubans

Cubans want normalization between the US and Cuba, and they have thrown their doors open to us, but, it is our US government that prevents what the majority of Americans want their government to do – normalize relations. Worse yet, the US government forbids and has criminalized travel to Cuba by Americans – something that Cuba hasn’t done.”

durutti: “Did you buy Powell’s UN presentation? You seem like the type. Given the huge red, white, and blue monster living just 90 miles from Cuba’s shores that has constantly tried to destroy the country over the past 46 years, it’s remarkable how democratic and respectful of human rights Cuba is.

I could write more, but I fear it would be wasted effort. My advice is to read widely on the topic, rather than just settling for the platitudes of U.S. propaganda outlets.”

malaise: “Wow. As somone who actually lives in the Caribbean region I can tell you that Castro is very, very popular. He is easily the most respected leader in this hemisphere. Why – he stands up to bullies; Further and more importantly, he has the best educated and healthiest population in the hemisphere. Additionally the Cuban population have the best teeth in the hemisphere. Now that may appear to be triva to people in developed countries but as your polital rights disappear, you may just understand the importance and value of social rights.

You see most of us know that Western powers don’t give a damn if a dictator is in charge or they would not overthrow so many democratically elected governments. All that ever mattered was making sure our leaders agreed to the wishes of foreign governments and corporations.

Fidel has his flaws but in terms of developing his people, helping his neighbors with doctors, nurses, engineers, scholarships, and other technical assistance with a lot less strings attached than others who have exploited our hemisphere for centuries, he is a great man.

Forget not that rather than celebrating the bicentential of the ultimate revolution (The Haitian Revolution), we watched the democratically elected government removed from that country. Perhaps you can tell us who benefitted for it sure isn’t the poverty striken masses of Haiti. Ask the poor of Venezuela why they live so close to the big oil set up and don’t even have piped water let alone electricity?

Who has killed more Pinochet or Fidel? Who killed opponents rather than lock them up – Fidel or Pinochet and who put Batista, Pinochet or the rest of them in power.

We know that whether it is the pretence of democracy or dictatorship, only one set of rights matter. Why don’t you attack the IMF and World Bank and institutions set up to bleed us to death rather than attack the one person who put the interests of his people above those who value profit.

If Fidel dies tomorrow, I’ll be walking with the people of Cuba near Revolutionary Square in the middle of Havana and tears will flow. He is the only leader in my hemisphere in my lifetime who improved the living conditions of his population – and true he did not make them wealthy – but health, education and housing are way more important than money.

We’d all love both political and social rights but I had to settle for one it would be social rights.

And finally how can a government be democratic when it undermines democracy everywhere else in the name of profit. When you really understand life in this hemisphere outside of your democratic illusion, you’ll know why Fidel is loved on this planet.
Edit -sp & gr.”

Tinoire: “….I’m not sure about far less so now but Castro has certainly had to fight a lot. Imagine what Cuba would be like if we hadn’t waged an economic war against it. That Castro was still able to do as much as he has for the poor is admirable.

I’m sure there are people who are ready for a different leader as they gaze longingly at well-packaged Western goods and fall for the myth that under American capitalism everyone lives in Beverly Hills and shops at Nordstrom’s. You never know how good you have it and it’s human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side. Tell those same people, those who don’t know I mean, what they would have to give up for that fantasy and they’ll take their health-care, education, everytime IF you tell them. We of course will tell them no such thing preferring to lure them with Western goods.

I saw this happen many times. Saw immigrants come to this country believing in the fantasy the US was trying to sell them and many of them leaving totally disgusted.

There’s a huge difference between the Carribbean moneyed elites, well represented in the US, and the descendants of the slaves who didn’t need to flee to the US with their bags of gold and diamonds but I know you know that already. Can tell by your post.

No ruler is ever 100% perfect and no ruler will ever make people 100% happy but people like Castro are up there in my opinion.”

Carl Brennan: “Fine work. Demonizing Castro is simply an attempt to destroy a good example of a country not dominated by predatory capitalism.”

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